3 Required Courses Every Network Marketing Professional Must Have

3 Required Courses Every Network Marketing Professional Must Have

3 Required Courses Every Network Marketing Professional Must HaveIf you are serious about becoming a Network Marketing Professional, then you must have the three courses I'm about to share with you in this post!

I can tell you that until I purchased these courses, my business was just average and not growing as I wanted.

Learning the professional way to build my business and become a Network Marketing Professional changed everything.

Once you make the decision to take your business to the next level and commit to your personal and business growth things WILL Change!

3 Required Courses Every Network Marketing Professional Must Have

I have broken these courses into three areas of expertise to help you understand why I chose these particular ones.

1.    Prospecting and Recruiting

One of the best courses that I have found on this topic is Ray Higdon's Total Recruiting Mastery.

If you are struggling with your recruiting and prospecting skills, then this course is a must have.

Ray goes into every detail of this packed full course with a ton of bonuses that are worth the price alone.

Total Recruiting Mastery is by far the best Course on Recruiting that I have seen in years!

2.   Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing and becoming an expert online, Ray's 3 Minute Expert course is the bomb!

 This course takes you from beginning to end on just how to become an expert in your niche through blogging.

If you ever wanted to become a lead generation magnet, then this is the course you must have.

In his 3 Minute Expert course, Ray goes through everything from how to setup your blog to how to market and capture leads.

Everything that I know about blogging and lead generation has started with this course.

A must have!

3.   Video Marketing

Last but certainly not least is Video Marketing.  The course I highly recommend for this is Mark Harberts No-Fear Video Marketing.

This guy is a master at Video Marketing, and the course takes you through step by step from beginning to end how to become an expert.

We all know the power of videos and how important they are in our business, so if you want to become an expert Video Marketer, this is the course you MUST have.

Mark's No-Fear Video Marketing is the best course that I have seen on how to take your videos and your marketing to the next level and begin generating leads daily.

In the video below I go into more detail and here are some other posts you may like.

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VIDEO: 3 Required Courses Every Network Marketing Professional Must Have


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  1. Mike

    Those are three great courses, I have both of Ray’s that you mentioned and few of my clients bought Mark’s course, and love it.

    Thanks for sharing these great marketing courses.

    • Ron Deering

      Thanks Mike… These really are great courses that I believe everyone should get and go over again and again … thanks for the comment

  2. Joseph

    Very solid courses indeed. We must invest in ourselves and increase our value if we want to increase our income.

    • Ron Deering

      Thanks Joseph

  3. Zach Loescher

    Dang Ron! You hit a home-run with this post! Those 3 course are definitely a must have if you are serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur! Thanks for the share!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Zach

  4. Hrvoje Horvat

    Great post Ron! Since there is a lot of different courses it is great to show people which one are the best! Thank you for sharing this!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Hrvoje…

  5. Dereco Cherry

    Man what a list. You just handed everyone the keys to the kingdom with those course recommendation. Always being a student of your profession is a great way to ensure you are staying in the loop of trends and things that is going on. Picking up courses like the ones you mentioned increases your skill set and also your value. As your value continues to improve so does the amount of money you can earn.

    Those three courses go hand in hand from prospecting to the blogging and video when you combine those and actually take action on it you can’t helped but to see results. This is where a lot of people dropped the ball they buy courses but never put any of the information to use. Knowledge is not power….applied knowledge is where the true power is at!

    Great training as usual Ron thanks for putting this together!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Dereco….. these are certainly my favorite courses