3 Proven Ways to Getting On The Leader Boards

3 Proven Ways to Getting On The Leader Boards

3 Proven Ways to Get On The Leader BoardsAre you struggling to get on the Leader Boards for your company or affiliate program? I want to share with you 3 ways to change that.

I'm a part of an amazing community that teaches Network Marketers how to build their business through the use of Attraction Marketing.

There are ways that have helped me get on the leader boards for this affiliate program and I think you should learn about them.

Here's what I can tell you, these proven ways are proven!

3 Proven Ways of Getting On The Leader Boards

1.     Consistency

This is without question the most important of the three.  I believe it is also the most challenging for most people.

Most Network Marketers want to be on the boards but are willing to put in the time and being consistent.

When I started to become consistent at my blogging everything about my business and my branding changed.

If you are not going to be consistent with providing content then there is absolutely no reason to even look at the other two ways.

2.     Providing Value To Your Market

MLSP Total Increases 1-11-2016Providing value to your market niche is the second most important way to start getting on the Leader Boards.

You need to find out where their pain is and then provide solutions to that pain.

3.     Follow Up With Your Leads

You've probably all heard the saying that “The Fortune is in the Follow Up.”

I can tell that it's true.  The point of being consistent and providing value is to GET LEADS.  The Point of Getting Leads is to close them through Follow Up.

There isn't any point in generating leads if you are not going to follow up with by email or phone.  It's the whole reason behind the work.

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  1. Sheila Smith

    Quick in easy! Love it! Thank you Ron 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Sheila for the comment… 🙂

  2. Peter Reginald

    Ron, as I read your post I’ve realised something that I’m not doing. I am not following up with my leads. Actually, I have 2 leads in my MLSP CRM and I’m not sure how to follow up with them. I don’t have their phone numbers, just email address and twitter. Can you recommend some training in MLSP training library to help me with lead follow up?

    • Ron Deering

      I think if you go under the training library and do a search on follow up there are a couple of good videos that address that Peter

  3. George Azide

    Following up is the most difficult part for me. Thanks for these 3 keys Ron… Based on your success, it’s obvious that they work.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you George…

  4. Drew Berman

    This was great Ron! I completely agree with everything… but I think consistency is definitely the most important. Being consistent will bring followers to you!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Drew….

  5. Jelena Ostrovska

    Consistency is definitely a big one Ron! Thanks for sharing this! Way to ROCK these leaderboards!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Jelena… you too…..

  6. Keith Everett

    What a great post. Those 3 tips are GOLD… You are 100% right about the follow up, I think a lot of people miss that one out…

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Keith…. you rock

  7. Joan Harrington

    Thanks Ron for the great tips! All proven ways to get yourself on the leader boards 🙂

  8. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    This is a great post Ron!

    It’s amazing as to how simple online marketing is, but so many people overlook it

    Dr. Lisa

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Lisa… you are so very right…