3 Awesome Reasons You Are A Diamond In The RoughIf you understand what a Diamond in the Rough really is you will understand that is exactly what we all are in life and in our businesses.  Our goal is to become a true Diamond.

In nature Diamonds occur naturally with the transformation of carbon.  Carbon is one of the building blocks of life itself and very important to everyone.

Unquestionably one of the most beautiful things in nature is the diamond, but it certainly doesn’t start out that way.

The process for carbon to transform into that beautiful Diamond is incredible and if a diamond could feel pain and have feelings it would tell you that it is not fun.

I thought this fun video would explain the process for you to understand the amount of outside and inside change that has to take place to create one beautiful Diamond and what a Diamon in the Rough really is.

3 Awesome Reasons You Are A Diamond In The Rough

So here are 3 reasons why you are a Diamond in the Rough and why that should give you hope in your life and your Network Marketing Business.

1.     You Start From Something Great

One of the main building blocks of a Diamond is carbon which is a building block for the human race.

It is present in all forms of carbon-based life, and in the human body carbon is the second most abundant element by mass.

When you first get into Network Marketing you are just beginning and have everything you need to BEGIN!  The key is that you are like that lump of carbon that has everything it needs to become a Diamond but it’s not yet and won’t be without a lot of heat and pressure.

The key is that you are like that lump of carbon that has everything it needs to become a Diamond but it’s not yet and won’t be without a lot of heat and pressure.

So understand that you are starting as a lump of carbon that has incredible potential to become GREAT!

2.     You Are Going To Go Through Rough Times

There is no question you are going to go through rough and hard times.  There is going to be some heat and pressure along your journey to create your final YOU!

We all go through hard times and small challenges along the way.  What tempers and hardens you is how YOU Choose to handle those challenges.

You are going to have struggles and without them, you will NEVER grow to the Diamond you can be.  You just need to learn from them and continue to grow as you move through them.

3.     The End Result Is A Beautiful Diamond!

This is what we all want.  Becoming that beautiful Gem from the Diamond in the Rough.

I don’t know that anyone ever gets to the final perfect Diamond, but even when you become a Diamond with flaws you are beautiful.

The closer a diamond is to perfect the more expensive they are.  So as you get better and better and go through more and more challenges the closer to the perfect gem you become.

I know this post is kinda off normal for me, but I want to give those of you who feel like you have no hope of getting better because of all the challenges you may be going through.

People are going to quit, people are going to say NO, people are going to tell you your crazy and on and on and on.

This is the heat and pressure that is going to form your Diamond Self!

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