Does Being Consistent And Adding Value Pay Off?

Does Being Consistent And Adding Value Pay Off?

Does Being Consistent And Adding Value Pay Off?About a year ago I was introduced to blogging and the concept of being consistent and adding value to the community.  Today I was blessed to see some of this consistent work pay off.

Top Network Marketer Erik Christian Johnson put out two lists this year on Top bloggers.

The first list was done at the beginning of the year and was titled Top 80 MLM Blogs 2016 According to MOZ and Alexa.

He wasn't able to get everyone out there so I didn't fall on that list but excitedly would have fallen around 6 or 7th on that list with my score (230).

Well, just recently Erik published another list called “32 MLM Bloggers To Watch Dominate Network Marketing.”Being Consistent Really Works

On this list, I ended up Number 3 and I am so blessed.

So what does all of this mean?  What if means that if you are being consistent and adding value to your niche it will pay off.

How would you feel if you were in the top ten of your niche when it comes to adding value to everyone?

What Does Being Consistent And Adding Value Mean?

It means getting up every day with the commitment to put out valuable content in the community of your niche.

Whether that be videos, social media posts or blogging it's about being consistent!

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  1. Tequila Cousar

    Consistency is the key to branding and you have branded yourself. Great post Ron and Congratulations, you deserve it!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Tequila… you are awesome

  2. Aly Ashton

    Wow, I love your posts Ron, you’re an amazing leader, keep doing what you’re doing !!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much for your kind comment Aly… you rock

  3. gurpreet

    yes consistency is key.. consistent value will get your results! great post Ron!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Gurpreet

  4. Dereco Cherry

    Well deserved Ron! Congrats! You are one of the most consistent bloggers I know putting out awesome value everyday. Thanks for all you do!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Dereco…. you rock

  5. Claudia Peevy

    Congrats Ron. And I believe consistency is one of the Keys to Success!

    • Ron Deering

      I would agree Claudia…. thanks for the comment

  6. Keith Everett

    Congrats Ron, you deserve it my friend. Being consistent definitely pays of in your relationships, your business and in health. Sometimes we don’t always see the results until Waaay down the line, but they do come… thanks for sharing.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Keith

  7. Algia

    Wow!!! #3! Way to go Ron, you absolutely deserve it!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Algia

  8. Edna Keep

    Congrats, Ron! Being consistent is a definite key to success!

    • Ron Deering

      It certainly is Edna… thank you for your comment

  9. Wilma

    I totally agree with you about consistency. It’s not a hit or miss..Congratulations on your accomplishment.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Wilma

  10. Sheila Smith

    Yes it truly does! Just keep going and never Stop! Great Post Ron 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Sheila

  11. Sheena Yap Chan

    yes being consistent sure does pay off ron. thank u

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Sheena… you are one of the most consistent people I know….love your podcasts

  12. Sheila Mosley

    Ron Deering, You are absolutely correct. Consistency is important in anything we do especially in becoming successful! Thank you for sharing.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Sheila…

  13. chris spriggs

    Totally agree with you post, it is key. Something I need to improve ! Great value Ron

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Chris

  14. Juanita

    Wow! Congratulations Ron.

    Well deserved. You always give a lot of value.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Juanita…. very kind

      • Brian Garcia

        I completely agree about being consistent in your efforts! It really does work! Great post, Ron!

        • Ron Deering

          so absolutely true Brian… thanks for the comment

  15. Adewale Adebusoye

    Congrats again Ron! Consistency does pay off!

    • Ron Deering

      And to you Adewale… you made the list and are so very consistent… thank you

  16. Lynda Kenny

    You rock Ron. Your persistence has definitely paid off. You are a shining example to many

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Lynda…

  17. Elvia Bravo

    Ron, you are such an excellent example of a leader to follow. I have seen you grow as an authority and implementing what you are learning. Thank you, so much.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much for the kind comment Elvia

  18. Phil Cooper

    Great job Ron. Something to be proud of. Keep up the excellent work!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Phil

  19. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Congrats Ron!

    It goes to show that hard work does indeed pay off

    Dr. Lisa

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Lisa….that is so true….

  20. Zach

    Great post Ron and much Congrats!! Consistency is key, you nailed it!! I failed short in the beginning with that and now flourish by being consistent!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Zach

  21. Jelena Ostrovska

    Consistency always pays off big time Ron! Congrats on making it to the list of top bloggers! That is super awesome!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Jelena… and congrats to you

  22. Kim

    Congratulations, Ron!

    You’re a shining example of how consistency pays off.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Kim

  23. Mike

    Yes, Ron being consistent will always pay off. Congratulations on making the list. You push me everyday to get a blog out there, thanks man!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Mike… you rock

  24. Collin

    Consistency is so important. Thanks for being a good example of that. Great post Ron

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Collin

  25. Sonia

    I am so PROUD of you Ron!! I have seen your consistency! and you are a great inspiration for me and your content is always very valuable… thank you!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much for the kind comment Sonia….

  26. Sherri Brown

    Congrats Ron!! Always love your posts and I absolutely agree that consistency pays off which you’re a prime example of. Thanks for sharing and for always giving such great tips.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much Sherri… you are so kind…