Goal Tracking To Your MLM Success

Goal Tracking To Your MLM Success

MLM Success: Goal Tracking With This App

Achieving our goals takes more than good intentions. You have to take action and then systematically begin Goal Tracking.

There are numerous apps designed for just this purpose, but which one is right for you.

I found one recently that I just fell in love with and wanted to share it with you.

Goal Tracking is one of those things that we know we need to do but just never seem to get around to it.

It's either too difficult to track or it just takes too much of our time.

Recently, I went on a search to find an app for my own use. I want to share with you what I found. But, before I do, let me define how I use the various goal-setting terms. Different people use these terms in different ways.

  • Goal: “Something you are trying to achieve.” I sometimes use objective, target, or even project as a synonym.
  • Milestone: “A significant marker that indicates progress toward a goal.” I sometimes use subgoal as a synonym.
  • Habit: “Something a person does often in the same way.” Habits are not usually an end in themselves; they are a way to achieve a goal. I often use rituals, disciplines, or practices as synonyms.
  • Tasks: “Actions a person takes that move them toward a goal or milestone.” I often use actions or to-dos as synonyms.

Some applications track all of these items. Most only track a subset. Regardless, there are hundreds of apps for helping you achieve what matters most to you.

After searching around, I found a number of apps that are good and one that I fell in love with and have started using.

MLM Success: Goal Tracking – The List of 7

Here is a list of 7 that I found that are being used for Goal setting and tracking.  There are literally hundreds out there so the one you might find the best may not be on my list.

  1.   Nozbe – This is more of a project manager but is very popular.
  2.   GoalsOnTrackThis is the most robust true goal setting and tracking package and the one I chose.
  3.   LifeTick – This app is based on defining your core values.  Then you define your goals and tasks.
  4.   Strides – This app is beautiful with graphs and a great dashboard, but it lacks in the goal planning area.
  5.   Coach.me – is the granddaddy of habit-tracking programs.  Heavy on feedback and encouragement.
  6.   Habit List – This is useful if all you want to do is track habits and don't care much about goals.
  7.   irunurun – This the easiest and the most intuitive of all the habit-trackers if that is what you are looking for.

MLM Success: Goal Tracking – GoalsOnTrack

Out of the above 7, I chose GoalsOnTrack because it seemed to be the best suited for what I wanted to do which was set and track my goals.

I could go on about how I think this is a great app and I'm not a part of any affiliate program with them but I thought showing you their promotion video would be a great way to spotlight what this app and web-based goal tracking and setting program does.

VIDEO: Goal Tracking To Your MLM Success


I've learned over the years that my MLM Success is directly proportional to the goals I set and track.

Tracking your goals and making changes along the way is critical.  You've all heard the saying:

What Get's Measured Get's Improved!

This program will help you stay on top of your goals, habits, tracking and journaling.  So far I give it 5 Stars!

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  1. Mark Nelson

    Man I’m big on setting goals but they tend to stay in my head. This is something I need to work on. Thanks I’m going to check those apps out.

    • Ron Deering

      I’m the same way Mark… love this app

  2. Justin Barclay

    Very cool post Ron. Look like a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank Justin… it’s pretty cool

  3. Joan M Harrington

    Hey Ron,
    Thanks for sharing these awesome resources for tracking your goals! Great info 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Joan

  4. johannes

    Hey ron, great post, I will check out this program, looked awsome, and really helpful 🙂

    *spoiler alert*
    I was watching the video, and as it progressed I thought to myself, why dont they have a visionboard section, and BOOM there it was in all its glory, thank you so much 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      🙂 .. I know that’s a great feature… haven’t set that up yet… thanks Johannes

  5. Jeremy

    I didn’t even know they had apps for goal setting! I learned something new today. Thanks Ron!

    • Ron Deering

      They are very helpful and I love this one Jeremy

  6. Zach

    Great post Ron!! I tend to keep them in my head or my white board, having an app would be much more beneficial! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Zach

  7. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    Thanks for the great tools for tracking your goals. I’ve bookmarked this post to review each one and see which one suits my needs.

    Thanks Ron!

    Dr. Lisa

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Lisa…. I’m really liking it…keeps me on track much better

  8. Collin

    Great post Ron. Will have to look into those apps. Goal setting and tracking progress is very important.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Collin

  9. Kay Somji

    Most people, me included in the past, forget to do goal tracking, only goal setting. Thanks for the 7 recommendations, gonna get on some of those right away.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Kay

  10. Mike McDonald

    Very good post, the 7 tools you listed are very helpful as well. Cheers

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Mike