MLM Success: Are You Willing To Surf The Waves?

MLM Success: Are You Willing To Surf The Waves?

MLM Success: Are You Willing To Surf The Waves?If you really want to have MLM Success then you have to be willing to surf the waves of technology and marketing.  Being able to catch the wave when it comes is critical.

The other day I was listening to a top leader, Diane Hochman from MLSP wake up call last week and she was amazing.

Diane is the number one leader in MLSP and has been doing Attraction Marketing for over 15 years.

I remember when I was living in Hawaii going up to the famous North Shore and watching the surfers.

To say it was amazing just doesn't describe it.  Unless you can see it in person it's just not the same.

I love how she put it.  You need to paddle paddle, kick kick every day if you are going to get positioned for the next big wave.

MLM Success: Are You Willing To Surf The Waves?

You can see in the above video how the surfers are constantly moving either from their own power or the power of the wave.

One thing I know is that you certainly don't get the same effect by standing on the shore wiggling your toes in the surf.  The fun and success are in catching the wave!

I hope the following Periscope replay helps motivate you to Catch The Wave To Your MLM Success!

VIDEO: MLM Success: Are You Willing To Surf The Waves?


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  1. Kenny olowu

    Thanks Ron for this great lesson. I really get your concept of willing to surf the wave. It is true that we must choose a tool and be consistent in implement it rightly until we get the right result in our business. Giving up is not an excuse. Awesome Post Ron! Keep up the good work

    • Ron Deering

      thank you Kenny

  2. Claudia Peevy

    I’m paddling like crazy! That was a great call! Thanks for sharing Ron!

    • Ron Deering

      Boy isn’t that true… thank you Claudia…

  3. gurpreet

    Great post Ron! Love the wave analogy and what a lovely video 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      Thanks Gurpreet

  4. Tequila Cousar

    Great post! I AM Pushing the board! Thanks for sharing.

    • Ron Deering

      You are doing great Tequila… thanks for the comment

  5. Keith Everett

    Ron, I can see the message here. Get in the mix, take action and don’t sit on the sidelines, right?… Great post… thanks for sharing

    • Ron Deering

      Absolutely… the one thing I know is it you don’t get in the water you can’t catch the wave… 🙂

  6. Lynda Kenny

    Great analogy and great post Ron. I love the way you used your video and story to get your point across.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Lynda…

  7. Gordon Attard

    Perfect analogy Ron! You shall not be afraid of the wave but to catch it!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Gordon…

  8. Sheila Smith

    So ready to serve the Wave’s! Thank you Ron 🙂

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Sheila

  9. Algia

    Great post and timely message, thanks for sharing Ron.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you Algia..

  10. Lisa

    WOWWWWWZA I love this!! so freaking true great way to look at things…. You know i am totally enjoying riding these waves!!! and your video of turtle bay is now embedded in my brain as to how im riding the waves … Thanks Ron!!

    • Ron Deering

      Isn’t that a great video… .thanks for the comment Lisa

  11. Dereco Cherry

    Ron this post is great! The analogy of catching the waves and your business was great and couldn’t have been more spot on. Keep going or paddling as you described it makes it almost impossible to fail. Thanks for sharing, I’m really digging your content thanks again!!

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you so much for the kind comment Dereco….

  12. Bruce Schinkel

    I completely agree, Ron … you can’t learn to surf by watching from shore. Jump in and get going!

  13. Trudy Beerman

    I LOVE the surf analogy! Definitely have to go out, way out there and get off the shore.

  14. Adewale Adebusoye

    Great message Ron! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Dr. Lisa Thompson

    That was one of my favorite Diane Hochman mindset recordings!

    She’s so awesome

    Great summation of her strategy

    Dr. Lisa

  16. Collin

    Great video. When an opportunity comes you have to take it. Sitting back and waiting you never go anywhere.

  17. Travis

    Catching the wave. Paddle, paddle, kick, kick. I was also on that call and it was inspirational. Thanks for this great post.

    • Ron Deering

      Thank you for the comment Travis


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