How would you like to know the 10 Easy Network Marketing Success Secrets to building your business offline and online for this New Year?

Once you know these secrets your whole business will change.

These are the secrets the Big Dogs use to build their business to new heights.

10 Easy Network Marketing Success Secrets

I have found over the years that having a system that is easy to implement and duplicatable is the best way to grow a large organization.

Once you know these secrets you will have a great baseline for a very easy and duplicatable system to use.

Network Marketing Secret # 1

Fall in Love with your product, company, and culture.

Find a product that you can be passionate about.

While it IS possible to have success even if you’re not in love with the product, a passion for the product will just make your job a lot easier.

Be a product of the product!

Network Marketing Secret # 2

Don’t be a secret agent!

You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t tell anybody about it you won’t make any money.

So be an evangelist for your company and products.

Shout it from the rooftops.  

And most importantly be a “Product of the Product”.

If you don’t use your own product why should anybody else?

Just remember not to be spammy on Social Media and continue to build your relationships naturally.

Network Marketing Secret # 3

Be consistent.

It is much better to work an hour or two a day on your Network Marketing business than do nothing all week and try to make it up all on the weekend.  

It’s like a snowball rolling downhill.  

If you are constantly stopping and starting your business your momentum will slow.

Network Marketing Secret # 4


With the advent of the Internet, it is very easy to get distracted.

If you are on Facebook or any other social media site you probably get hit up with a dozen opportunities per day.

Remember this, you can’t do them all.

So pick one, put your blinders on, and get to work!

Network Marketing Secret #5

Brand yourself, not your company.  

People join people, not companies.  

When I first got involved with Network Marketing  I used to just promote the company, product, and opportunity.

It wasn’t until I discovered Attraction Marketing that I realized I should be Branding Myself.

That is when things changed for me and my business.

I learned that people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

So, I began the journey of Branding Ron Deering.

Network Marketing Secret # 6

Work on yourself more than you work on your business.

There’s an old saying, “leaders are readers.”

Instead of watching mindless TV why not pick up a personal development book or listen to an audio?  

Fill your mind with success principles and you will have success.

Network Marketing Secret # 7

If you can’t change your friends … change your friends!

Many friends may tell you that MLM doesn’t work. It’s a scam.

These are the same people were living paycheck to paycheck and going to a job that they absolutely hate.

So why would you take financial advice from somebody that’s not having the financial results that you want?

They say that your income will be the average of your five closest friends.  

Start hanging out with like-minded people.

Network Marketing Secret # 8

Be a perpetual student.

When you think you know it all you’re about to have a fall.

You should always be sharpening your ax.

Be a student of marketing.

Network Marketing Secret # 9 

Your product is not your product.

Your product is people.

Always be building your network and never prejudge anybody.

Did you ever wonder why certain people can join an MLM company and rocket to the topic compensation plan in the blink of an eye?

It’s because of their relationships.  

The larger your network, the larger your net worth.

Network Marketing Secret # 10 

Never give up! 

It is often said that most people quit right before they are about to have success.

My friend Ray joined a number of Network Marketing companies over many years and never had any real success.

Then it seemed like overnight he became the top earner and a 7-figure earner in his company.

It didn’t really happen overnight though, it happened over years of failure and learning.

The key to his success was he never quit, pure and simple!

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to quit just remember this story.

10 Easy Network Marketing Success Secrets – Video

10 Easy Network Marketing Success Secrets – Summary

Although these ten secrets are very easy and straightforward you would be surprised how many Network Marketers just don’t get it.

Take the time to go through these, learn them and then implement them.

You will be amazed at the difference it will make.

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