Jim Rohn The 10 Foundations of Success OverviewIf you are in Network Marketing and haven’t heard of Jim Rohn and his 10 Foundations of Success, then you are missing so very much.

Jim Rohn is unquestionably one of the greatest trainers of our time.

The number of 7-8 Figure earners that have learned from him is nothing short of amazing.

I’ve put together a webinar that you just don’t want to miss.

In this post is just a snippet of the 10 Foundations of Success program that is available.

Jim Rohn The 10 Foundations of Success Overview

Below is a list of the 10 Foundations of Jim’s program.

Each one of these is elaborated on by one of the greats that got their start with Jim Rohn’s teaching.

The webinar and the following 10 modules are worth their weight in gold.

Along with the program are 10 Bonuses that are beyond belief.

Jim Rohn The 10 Foundations of Success Overview

1. Philosophy—Learn the simple shift that changes everything. – Mark victor Hansen

2. Attitude—Master the strategic changes to live with intensity, passion, and purpose. – Denis Waitley

3. Goals—Create and implement a disciplined action plan to achieve your dreams. – Brian Tracy

4. Leadership—Build, inspire and lead your team to get results and drive success. – John C. Maxwell

5. Lifestyle—Craft a life of possibilities, abundance, and influence. – Connie Podesta

6. Communication—Relate to others with accuracy, sincerity, brevity and style. – Les Brown

7. Influence—Learn how to skillfully paint solutions to keep customers happy and drive up profits. – Tom Hopkins

8. Abundance—Build a life of financial independence and freedom. – Tony Robbins

9. Productivity—Zero in with ultimate focus and work smarter, not harder. – Harvey Mackay

10. Action—On any ONE day you can massively change the direction of your life! – Darren Hardy

I am not an affiliate for this program and I don’t receive any remuneration for telling you about this.

I do however get great satisfaction knowing that I may have helped someone make one of the most important decisions in their life.

VIDEO: Jim Rohn The 10 Foundations of Success Overview


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