10 MLM Success Secrets That Just Make Sense!

10 MLM Success Secrets

Everyone would like to know the MLM Success Secrets that just make sense.  We hear about the “Secret to Success” all the time just to find out you have to be a genius to understand what they are talking about.

Maybe the success secrets you have read about before take a lot of tech savvy or education that you don’t have or have the time to learn before you have some success.

MLM Success is really pretty simple and straightforward.  Understand I didn’t say easy I just said simple.

It’s like anything thing else we do in life, once we understand the basics and what it takes to have small success we just duplicate it over and over for great success.

The Secret to Success is to follow these 10 simple rules and then teach them to your team.  Once we understand the Success


Secrets of Millionaires in the Network Marketing Profession we can then put them to practice in our own business.

10 Secrets to Success

1.    Fall in Love with your Culture, Company, and Product.

Find a culture that nourishes, trains, edifies, and is a positive environment to be involved with.  You will find that no matter how good your product or how good your company if you are in a negative team culture you will eventually quit.

Don’t misunderstand me, the company and the product are very important, but as you will see later in this list people buy into you more than they buy into the company or product.

Understanding how to build a positive and growing team culture is critical for your MLM Success.

2.    Don’t be a secret agent.

Critical MLM Success Secret is to speak UP!  No one will know if you don’t open your mouth.

Back in the days of my military service, there were a lot of secrets.  We all thought it was kinda cool being in the secret business. Well guess what, MLM Success in not based on keeping secrets.

The old adage “Loose Lips Sink Ships” does not apply here!  You need to be shouting it from the rooftops

Equally important is to be a “Product of Your Product”. If you don’t use your own product why should anybody else?

3.    Be consistent.

It is much better to work an hour or two a day on your MLM business than do nothing all week and try to make it up all MLM Success Secreton the weekend. It’s like a snowball rolling downhill.  If you are constantly stopping and starting your business your momentum will slow.

Being consistent is something that will help you become better than 80% of everyone else in Network Marketing.

4.    Focus.

With the advent of the Internet it is very easy to get distracted. If you are on Facebook or any other social media site you probably get hit up with a dozen opportunities per day. Remember this, you can’t do them all. So pick one, put your blinders on, and get to work.

5.    Brand yourself, not your company.

People join people, not companies.  When I first got involved with MLM  I only understood about promoting the product. In fact in the beginning I wouldn’t even mention the company because I was afraid people would immediately run the other way. 

After going through several MLM companies in my first few years I finally realized  I should just brand myself.

It’s the old saying “Wherever You Go There You Are” that drives self branding over anything else.  Companies, Leaders, and Products come and go but you are the only thing you have control over.

Your MLM Success will depend on how well you brand yourself, offline and online

6.   Work on yourself more than you work on your business.

I never really understood the power of this secret.  I used to think that I was pretty good already and all those tapes and MLM Success Secretsevents were for the people who weren’t very together or as smart as me.

Boy was I wrong!  Network Marketing is a great paying personal development course if you do what you should and NEED to.

If you really want a top success secret, here it is, “Work Harder On Yourself then You Work On Your Business.”

7.    If you can’t change your friends … change your friends.

Many friends may tell you that MLM doesn’t work. It’s a scam. These are the same people were living paycheck to paycheck and going to a job that they absolutely hate.

So why would you take financial advice from somebody that’s not having the financial results that you want?  They say that your income will be the average of your five closest friends.  Want another MLM success secret start hanging out with like-minded people

8.    Be a perpetual student.

When you think you know it all you’re about to have a fall. You should always be sharpening your ax. Be a student of marketing, your product, people, and most of all yourself.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon has a number of products that have helped me in growing myself and my business.

9.   Your product is not your product.

Your product is people that’s the bottom line. Always be building your network and never prejudge anybody.

Did you ever wonder why certain people can join an MLM company and rocket to the top in The blink of an eye?  

It’s because of they understand building relationships.  The larger your network, the larger your net worth.

10.  Never give up!

If is often said that most people quit right before they are about to have success. You will never find a top earner that hasn’t wanted to quit at one time or another.

The key is THEY DIDN’T!!!

I hope these MLM Success Secrets have helped you see a little more clearly the path you need to take to be successful.

It’s all about YOU and THEM.  Grow more of you and you will grow more of them!

These Secrets to Success are only good if you take them to heart and start making them habits in your life and business.

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Here’s to your MLM Success!

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