15 Great Sources To Get Leads Now!

15 Sources to Get Leads

15 Sources to Get Leads

Are you struggling with finding ways to get new leads, well look no further.  I’m going to show you 15 great places to find virtually unlimited leads and most of these are absolutely FREE!

Most people in Network Marketing once they have blown through there Warm Market they have NO Idea how to start getting Cold Market Leads.

You’ve all heard of the new rep that goes and hangs out at Wal-Mart and hits everyone that leaves or comes into the store.

Maybe you were even one of those…not much fun and certainly not very productive.

So Let’s get into these 15 Great Sources for Getting LEADS NOW!

  1. Networking Events – offline leads
    1. Chamber
    2. Clubs
    3. Grab as many cards and follow up the next day.
  1. Craigslist
    1. Little ads – active or passive
    2. Ray Higdon craigslist
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Business Cards on Cork boards
  4. Warm Market Referrals
    1. Do you know anyone who?
  5. Meetup.com
    1. Events in your area
  6. Other Social Media
    1. LinkedIn – Average income is around $100,000/year
    2. Twitter –Look for who’s marketing in your area.
    3. YouTube
  7. Drop cards
    1. Put inside applicable books in the book store
  8. Bandit Signs
    1. Corrugated side of the road signs
  9. Cloth advertising
    1. Something you wear when your out and about.
  10. Car Windows or magnets
    1. Don’t try to sell just create curiosity
  11. Drop Card in a check mail out.
  12. Charity Events
    1. People who like to help people…. Givers not takers
  13. Trade Show booth renters
    1. Get their business cards
  14. Restaurant owners
    1. Great person to recruit and then use for meetings.  Win Win situation

Here are some resources that will help you with Cold Market Blueprint and becoming a Master Recruiter

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