Income Claims and Your Income Disclosure

Income Claims and Your Income Disclosure

Income Claims and Income Disclosure

Income Claims that are being blown out of proportion are always an issue and opening your company up for legal troubles. Whenever you are talking about income claims you should have your company's income disclosure on hand!

The best way to protect yourself is always speak the truth when it comes to income, and anything else for that matter.

It does you and your company no good to exaggerate your income to a prospect and risk legal repercussions.

 There are basically two types of income claims.

  1. Explicit
    These types of Income Claims are straightforward and clearly stated incomes above the company average.This is when you either verbally state what you are making, whether it's true or not, or when you show someone your check, either of which are above the company average income.

    If this is done without showing them your company's Income Disclosure Statement or directing them where to find it, leaves you open for legal issues.Rule of thumb here is whenever you are talking income claims at all be sure to have either a copy of the income disclosure or the link readily available to give your prospect.

    It just isn't worth getting yourself or your company in legal trouble when things can be covered so easily.

  2. Implied
    These types of Income Claims are a little more subtle.  These occur when you are implying that someone is going to make better than average income or rewards.Maybe you show them your new car or tell them that you were able to leave your full-time job after 6 months.

    Things that don't necessarily or exactly present a dollar amount but imply that they would be making or receiving things.Again if there is any doubt show them an income disclosure statement from your company to keep you and your company safe.

I know this have been short but I hope that this will help you continue to be compliant in your business and allow you to focus on the real money making tasks.

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Cross Recruiting and Cross lining

Cross Recruiting and Cross Lining

Cross Recruiting is not a Good Thing

Cross Recruiting is defined by the direct selling agency as “The attempt to convert one or more salesforce members from one company to another.”

Cross lining on the other hand is when someone tries to convert one or more persons to switch between teams in the same company.

Neither one of these is acceptable in my opinion.  These are practices done by those people whose integrity is very much in question.  People who don't respect the sanctity of someone else's business.

From my understanding more lawsuits are filed every year concerning cross recruiting and cross lining than all others combined.  This should be telling us something.

Not only is just not an ethical thing to do, it give our profession of Network Marketing a very bad name.  You've all heard of those leaders that jumped to another company because of a big bonus and then tried to recruit as many as they could from the old company causing devastation in their wake.

I personally can't think of one time when this is a good or acceptable behavior.

Cross Lining is equally bad.  I've been in company's before where some leaders were encouraging other lesser leaders on other teams to quit and re-join under them and bring their team with them.

How bad is that!!!!  It shows such a lack of integrity and moral compass.

Here's my advice on cross recruiting and cross lining… If you are in doubt of what you are doing is either DON'T DO IT!  I love a saying that I heard a owner in an old company I was in years ago.  “If it isn't right, don't do it, if it isn't true don't say it.”

At the end of the day all you have is your integrity and honor.  Don't screw that up over greed!

This is something that I totally admire about my upline and mentor Ray and Jessica Higdon.  They are of the highest integrity and two of the most honorable people I know.

Well okay, enough ranting and raving.  Just had to get this off my chest today.

Hope this has given you some value and you will share this with your team and comment below.

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Is This a Pyramid?

Is This a Pyramid?

Is This a Pyramid

Is This a Pyramid

Isn't this a pyramid is the age old question.  I would like to take just a few minutes of your time and describe what a real pyramid is and is not.

If you are new to Network Marketing and haven't been ask this question yet, or told “Oh it's one of those Pyramid things” you will believe me.

So the first thing I want to do is give you some of the legal points to what an illegal pyramid really is.  I'm doing this in hopes of you using this to be able to intelligently assess whether or not the opportunity you are looking at is really legit.

Pyramid Scam Things to Look For.

  1. Heavy reliance on recruitment and no real exchanging hands between the participants in the company.
  2. Emphasis on recruitment over product.
  3. Motivation to buy is not based on the value of the product not to guarantee qualification.

These are some of the things that you need to look for.  In a nutshell it goes like this, a Pyramid is anything where there isn't a real product changing hands and all the emphasis is on recruiting not the product.

You will notice that no one has mentioned the age old complaint of the person at the top makes all the money.  If you stand on that complaint then as you can see the graphic at the top shows that Corporate America is a prime example of that.

So here's what I can tell, if you are being presented with an opportunity that is primarily based on recruiting I would seriously consider running the other way, especially if the product seems to have NO value.

Below is a cute video cartoon talking about what a pyramid scam is.

Here's a great article by my mentor Ray Higdon referencing Harry Dent top economist on Network Marketing and it's legitimacy.

So the next time someone ask you “Is This a Pyramid” you should be able to enlighten them.  I certainly wouldn't spend much time doing that and ask questions to find out what their real objection is.

Knowing what an illegal pyramid is though will be one extra arrow in your quiver of knowledge that may help at some point.

If you have got value from this please share with your team and comment below.

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Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment, Persistence, and Enthusiasm

Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you. Taking responsibility to keep your WORD!  Speaking the truth and doing what you speak!

We want to do business with people that we can rely on.  It's amazing how we may not be reliable but we only want to deal with people we can rely on.

Commitment starts with YOU! Your word is all you have, so protect it and be consistent and keep your commitment.

The killer of commitment is excuses which really are lies.  Commitment is going out on a limb, which is where all the fruit is anyway.

Emerson has been quoted saying, “Do the thing and you shall have power.”  You don't wait for inspiration JUST DO IT!

Persistence is the dynamic aspect of your commitment, the doing phase over and over again.

Persistence is NOT struggle and effort!  It's the absolute evidence of your commitment!

It's the over and over action of your commitment.  I shall persist until I succeed. Og Mandino.  One of the things that George Zalucki talks about in his talk on the Profile of a Champion is the two parts of your mind.

He states in his talk how the thinker thinks and the prover proves.  What does that mean?  It simply means that what you are thinking about in your mind the prover proves.  So if you are continually thinking that you are a failure the prover has to prove that true.

So again one more expert encouraging us to guard our thoughts.  Stick to our commitments with persistence and right thinking.

Enthusiasm is the least expensive and beneficial cosmetic in the world.  Some of the most beautiful people in the world you can't stand to be around because they have no Enthusiasm and yet someone who is considered homely and non-attractive with enthusiasm will light a up a room and draw multitude to them.

You become enthusiastic by acting enthusiastically!  If I begin to act the part it must show up in my reality.

You need to be enthusiastic in your own way, but you need to be!  There are only two types of people in the world, those who are inspired and those who are not!

I encourage you to listen to “Profile of a Champion” in total.  It will change how you think about your daily thought process and your thinking.

I hope this has given you some value … Please share with your team and comment below.

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8 Things to Give Up

8 Things to Give Up

Things To Give Up to Make You a Better Person

Things To Give Up to Make You a Better Person

There are certainly a lot more things that we should considering giving up, but these are what I believe some of the most important things to give up.

These 8 things to give up are important because they will not only help you in your network marketing business, but they will make you a better person all around.

I love this saying “Your Beliefs Don't Make You A Better Person, Your Behavior Does.”   People look at what we do not what we say that why some of these 8 things to give up are so very important.


Things to Give Up

  1. Self Rejection
    This is probably the worst thing we do to ourselves.  Self sabotage, the art of sabotaging ourselves.  We spend some much time with self talk that is do defeating and just not true.  There's a great book out there by Shad Helmstetter “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.
  2. Negative Self-Talk
    This is very much like number 1 and goes back to self talk.  You need to be telling yourself all the things you can do and keep yourself away from all the negative influences that are out there.
  3. Criticising Others
    This is just wrong and there is absolutely no value in criticising others.  If you are caught up in the gossip trap or just have a habit of doing this, it's time to stop.  When you understand that the only reason we criticise others is to attempt to build ourselves up you realize how fruitless this really is.  Stop IT!
  4. Being a people pleaser
    This is a hard one for me because we all like to be liked and wanted.  The end result though is that you will end up doing things that are detrimental to you and those you are trying to please.  Just be yourself, but be your best self.  If we are constantly working on getting better for ourselves then the right people will be pleased and like us.
  5. Fear of Failure
    Fear of anything can be debilitating to all of us.  The best way to conquer our fear is to meet it head on.  We all have heard what the meaning of FEAR is, “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

  6. Procrastination
    This has been one that I have struggled with over the years.  Putting things off till the last minute or until it's too late all together.  A high percentage of the time it's because of number 5 that fear again.  I have found that those things that I just don't enjoy or fear, but know I have to do are best done FIRST!
  7. Holding onto Grudges
    I just don't know what to say about this except that there just isn't any value to holding grudges.  The only person it hurts is you and it will only get worse not better.  It will start to fester and get worse and worse until it presents itself in all that you do.  Forgive and Forget, move on and build a better you and better relationships.
  8. Expecting Perfection
    So many of us get caught up in this saying what's wrong with expecting perfection.  A Lot!  First it very rarely happens in life except when it comes to God. Second the pressure that it puts on you and everyone around you is very defeating.  Always strive to do your best in all that you do, just don't set yourself up for failure by expecting perfection when you won't be able to achieve it all the time.

I hope this has help you see that these 8 things to give up will get you on the road to becoming a better you.  It will change you from being a person that talks about who they are to a person that people see who you are.

Striving to become a better you allows us to help more people in life and that's what it's all really about, isn't it.  The more we give to others the more we get, so we can give more.

If you got value from this please share with your team and comment below.

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