3 Huge Qualities From Undercover Boss Top Leaders Share

3 Huge Qualities From Undercover Boss Top Leaders Share

3 Huge Qualities From Undercover Boss Top Earner ShareTonight my wife and I had some down time and thought we would watch a special edition of Undercover Boss.

The name of this special edition was “Epic Employees” and it was an update on some of the most memorable employees since the show’s inception.

First I can tell you there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, even the dogs were weepy.

As I was watching the show, it kept running through my head how everything that was happening could be applied to our profession.

I always find it so amazing how there are really no surprises when it comes to the qualities of Top Leaders. Especially when it comes to Network Marketing.

If you haven’t seen the show “Undercover Boss” let me give you a summary of what it is about.

It’s a reality show where one of the top executives from a company, typically the CEO and typically a franchise company.

They will disguise themselves and visit a handful of the Franchisee locations under the guise of being a contest in another reality show.

They end up trying to do a number of the jobs that the typical employee would be doing to see what it’s all about in the field.

They end up learning the stories of the employees that they work with over the week along with learning what needs to be changed within their organization.

At the end of the week, they meet with the employees that they worked with and do the reveal.  Here’s when it gets pretty emotional.

They end up helping these employees with things like education, cars, homes, promotions, career opportunities and more.

The emotions are running high at this point, but there are so many lessons in this short hour show.

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Here are the 3 Lessons From Undercover Boss That The Top Leaders Share

1.    They are incredible Givers

There-are-two-kinds-of-people-in-the-worldThe Top Leaders I know all have an incredible heart of giving to others.  Remember I’m talking about Network Marketing Leaders.

Over my years, I have talked to so many of the top leaders and so much of what motivates them is being able to give to others.

My upline, mentor, and friends Ray & Jessica Higdon are two of the most giving people I have ever met.

I encourage you to just take the time and look at the leader in your company and see how much they have the heart to help others and give.

These CEO’s on this show Undercover Boss were incredible givers and the cool part is that it touched their hearts as much as the people they were giving to.

2.    They have never quit

winners never quitAlmost every one of these employees was either going through a very tough time in their life or had gone through some tragedy.

Yet, through it all they just kept going even though most of them were getting minimum wage for pay and having to work multiple jobs to take care of their families.

Again, every Top Leader that I’ve had the pleasure of being around has gone through a story of heartache and challenge.

The difference between the leaders and the rest is they didn’t QUIT.

3.    They are positive and grateful in all things.

gratitude-happiness-2The most amazing thing that I learned from the show was how grateful these employees were no matter what their situation and no matter what they got at the end of the show.

Some of them got huge gifts from their bosses, yet others may have only got an intangible opportunity yet they were all incredibly grateful.

The other thing was even before the end these employees were typically the most positive people you would want to meet.  Even though most would think they had very little to be positive about they still were.

This is another trait of the Top Leaders in Network Marketing they are incredibly positive and grateful people.

I hope this has given you some insight into what a Top Leader in Network Marketing looks like in their heart, not just the money.

The Qualities of the Top Leaders is something that most people just don’t look at.  They spend more time looking at their bank accounts!

If you have got some value from this post, 3 Huge Qualities From Undercover Boss Top Leaders Share, then Please share this with your team and leave me your thoughts below.

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Top 5 personal branding tips You Should Be Doing Today

Top 5 personal branding tips You Should Be Doing Today

Top 5 personal branding tips You Should Be Doing TodaySo you have decided to start your personal brand journey.  Today I want to share with you the Top 5 Personal Branding Tips that will get you started.

You’ve taken the first step by deciding to start branding yourself a create a personal brand, good for you.

The creating of a personal brand is a pretty straightforward process, but it does take some commitment and consistency.

Your personal branding should let people know about you, the Personal Side of YOU!

  • WHO Are You?
  • WHAT do you stand for?
  • WHO do you Serve?
  • HOW will you Serve Them?

You need to establish the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your brand.

With your personal branding, you are building credibility and instilling an authoritative element to your name, face and image.

Here Are Your 5 Personal Branding Tips

1.    Your Domain Name

You may wonder what’s in the name, but it’s one of the most important things you can do when it comes to personal branding.

I’m lucky I have a pretty straightforward and easy to remember name so it made perfect sense for me to use RonDeering.com as my domain name.

If on the other hand you have a name like, Engelbert Humperdinck then you might want to use a variation to make things easier to type and find.

So make sure you have chosen a personal, domain name to use on your personal branding blog and not something you might think is catchy or to unique.

2.    Your Target Audience

Who-is-your-target-audienceAnother critical area to make sure you focus on especially in the beginning is your target audience. Even if you have been branding and marketing yourself or your business for a while, take some time to look at this again.

Speaking and marketing to the “right” target audience, also called target avatar, is essential if you are to become a personal branding expert. And ya need to be if you want your business to really take off. Here’s blog written by Jeff McGeary on Why Identify A Target Avatar.

3.    Personal Branding Photos

These days standard and boring corporate headshots are not going to cut it, everyone has one of those on their LinkedIn profile so they get lost in a sea of expressionless faces. You need photos that are fun and help express who you are without saying a word.

So turn your iPhone around and snap some cool shots. Also “lifestyle” photos of you around town, on vaca, with family, at events, etc. Let folks know who you really are!

This is one of those personal branding tips where you may want to consider a few professional shots too. I found a great local photographer on Craigslist when I got started and he took some awesome photos!

If you want people to remember who you are they have to be able to put a memorable face to the name.

4.    Your STORY

Tell YOUR StoryEveryone’s got a story and so do you.  Your personal story should form the basis of your personal branding statement.

You may not think that your story is so cool or impressive that people will even care.  You need to get those thoughts out of your head right now.

Your story, whatever it is will resonate with many people out there and you will never know who until you tell YOUR STORY! 

So after you read this sit-down and start putting your notes together and tell your story.

5.    Last But Certainly Not Least, Be Yourself

People love real people that they can relate to.  Remember that people do business with those they, Know, Like, and Trust.

If you make a few mistakes when you’re making those videos, it’s okay it makes you real.

Much of branding is attracting. By being yourself, you will ATTRACT the one’s who resonate with you and REPEL the one’s who don’t. This is what you want!

Learn to be comfortable with being YOU.  Just be the best you and you will attract people that resonate with you no matter how quirky you think you are.

You are you and a Rock Star so you need to get out there create your personal blog and start branding yourself.

In my video below I will share a few other personal branding tips, check it out and let me know what you think.

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Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network Marketing

Your First Year In Network MarketingIf you remember your First Year In Network Marketing you probably wish you didn’t. If was probably filled with a lot of pain and suffering.

Unless you had a great mentor out of the chute and a great sponsor that new how to start you off correctly you probably did a lot of floundering.

One of my mentors way back when I started was a gentleman by the name of Mark Yarnell Network Marketing Legend who was big in NuSkin at the time.

He recently passed away, but left us with one of the best books out there for people just getting started in Network Marketing, Your First Year in Network Marketing.

I his book he goes through 9 chapters that hit head on the challenges the new Network Marketer is going to encounter.

I want to share with you those 9 chapter titles and just a snippet of what’s in each one, but you NEED to get the book, read and re-read it.

So Here is Your First Year In Network Marketing

Here is the 9 chapters in Mark’s book and just a very small take away on each.

1.    Ignoring the Rejection Rocket

The launch of STS-1 from pad 39A on April 12, 1981, carried astronauts John W. Young and Robert Crippen into a two-day Earth orbital mission.

Make rejection your ally instead of your enemy.

I love what Ray Higdon and so many other great leaders in our industry teach.  Don’t be addicted to the outcome.

Another great book out there is by Andrea Waltz, Go for No! Once you understand the value in the NO’s and separate the outcome you will be much happier and much more successful.

2.   Avoiding the Management Trap

Reinforce self-sufficiency rather than dependency.

You want to become a creator of leaders on your team.  You do not want to become a manager.

Managers are always involved and never have the true freedom that Network Marketing can bring you.

Teach your new people how important it is to teach their team to be self-sufficient!

3.   Dodging the Depression Torpedo

Maintain enthusiasm in spite of the inevitable setbacks.

This certainly can be a difficult task at times.  Just remember everyone in every profession has setbacks.

Never forget why you started and work on developing a Vision that PULLS you to your DREAMS!

4.   Blocking the False Expectation Tank

Win  through integrity rather than exaggeration.

Here’s an area that has plagued the Network Marketing profession for a very long time.  Never sacrifice your integrity to win, recruit or sell.

At the end of the day all you have is your Integrity.

5.   Attacking the Warm List Warhead

Overcome your reluctance to offer a quality lifestyle to family and friends.

This just goes without saying.  There are a lot of Network Marketing Opportunities out there and your family and friends are going to hear about them from others.

Is there any reason they shouldn’t hear about yours? NO!

6.   Fending Off the Scatter Bomb

Stay focused amidst all the distractions.

I would call this the Squirrel Syndrome.  We’ve probably all experienced this at one time or another.

Being distracted whether it’s by other opportunities or other tasks that are not income producing will end up frustrating the new team members.

7.    Eluding the Meeting Mines

Avoid the pitfalls of counterproductive meetings.

Having a meeting that has no purpose or is counterproductive can and will become very detrimental.

Be diligent to always have meetings that have a distinct purpose and then stay on task in the meeting.

8.   Unloading the Plug-In Pistol

Recruit and train your own people instead of depending on others.

The only thing I can say here is to depend on the tools that the company and your team provides.

I will say that in our company everyone seems to be on the same page so all of the leaders are doing awesome training.

Your may be doing the same, if so don’t be afraid to utilize the assets that you have available.

9.   Deflecting the Executive Explosion

Recognize the upside and downside of corporate executives joining MLM.

You’ll have to read the book for this one…. 🙂

Well, there you have it Your First Year In Network Marketing.  Things have changed a bit with the internet and online marketing since Mark wrote his book.

The good news is that the core principles never change and the book is filled with Network Marketing truths and principles to help you or your new teammates through their first year and lead them to Network Marketing Success.

If this post, Your First Year In Network Marketing, has helped you please share and comment below.  I would love to hear about your First Year Experiences.

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Who Should Blog and Why

Who Should Blog and Why

Who Should Blog And Why!You may be asking this exact question, Who Should Blog and why should someone start blogging?

Today I’m going to answer a couple of questions like who should blog, why you should start blogging and where can I start a blog.

I probably get asked this 3 or 4 times a week from people just starting out and even those who have been around for awhile.

So, I thought I would write a post explaining my thoughts on this subject of Who Should Blog!

There are a couple of questions that you have to ask yourself first to determine if starting a blog is something that makes sense for you.

Here Are a Few Questions You Should Answer Before Starting A Blog

  • What’s your purpose in blogging?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in your blog?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in yourself?
  • Do you understand the function of your blog?
  • Are you willing to put in the effort?
  • Who is your target audience?

These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself, but in my opinion the most important questions.

So, Who Should Blog?

First_BlogThis is the question, isn’t it.  Who should really blog?

Here’s my answer to that question.  Anyone who wants to market online!

I know that sounds very simplistic, but it’s true.  Blogging is by far the most effective way to market online.

When you combine blogging with video marketing you will become unstoppable.

The Purpose of Blogging

The real purpose of starting a blog is one thing and one thing only, GATHER LEADS!

Are there many side effects to blogging?  Absolutely, but your primary purpose is to gather people’s information.

Here are a few of the side effects if done correctly:

  • You will become an expert in your niche
  • You will become known for your brand
  • You will become an Authority
  • You will have some fun
  • You will start making money online

So, they answer to the question for you is, are you someone who needs leads for your business.  If you really don’t need any leads, customers or business partners then maybe you want to blog just for fun.

But, if you are passionate about what you have to offer the world and want to get into the online marketing arena then blogging might be exactly what you want and need.

The Cold Hard Truth About Starting a Blog

It’s certainly not technically hard to start a blog I will tell you that.

The truth is most people who start their blog write an article every few weeks or so…maybe more, but not typically.

If you really want to explode into the blogging world then you need to commit to putting out valuable, consistent content on a daily basis.

If you are not willing to commit to that then maybe blogging is not the best method for online marketing for you.

I will tell you that whatever method you choose consistently putting out valuable content is a must.

Where Can I Start A Blog?

I really have only one answer for this and it’s a self-hosted WordPress site.  I have a post here that can help and my mentor and friend Ray Higdon who’s an absolute authority has a course that I can tell you that if you are serious you MUST HAVE!

How to create a blog is a topic for another post.

I hope if you were on the edge about starting a blog this has helped you cross the line and start this incredible journey of Blogging. Who should blog, YOU!

I hope this has answered your question on Who Should Blog and Why.  I this has helped you please comment and share below.

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Are You Morally and Ethically Bankrupt?

Are You Morally and Ethically Bankrupt?

Are You Morally & Ethically Bankrupt-One of the companies in the Network Marketing is going through a hard time right now and there are other reps out there that are morally and ethically Bankrupt!

This has been bothering me ever since I heard about this and not because the company is having a challenge, but because there are people out there that just don’t have any ethics in life and are acting like vultures.

My upline and Friend Ray Higdon did a periscope this morning talking about this subject that got me even more fired up.

Normally I leave the rants to other people, but this has long been an issue for me so today you can read this or just totally disregard it doesn’t matter to me.

I love the example Ray gave that made so much sense.  I a friend or someone you knew spouse passed away would you be on their doorstep asking them to date or get married.

Of course not!  Yet people are posting all over facebook and social media with their links and pushing to these poor reps that have given their lives and time to this company.

These people in my humble opinion are the lowest of low and are exactly why Network Marketing gets a black eye.

If you are one of those people STOP NOW!

Have some decency and some moral fiber and see what you can do to help these people instead of being a bottom feeder and trying to destroy things.

I believe these people are morally bankrupt and ethically bankrupt, but that’s just me.

Sometimes we just have to tell it like it is and this is JUST WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL!

So enough of my rant and let’s talk about what we should be doing when something like this happens.

  • We should be sending prayers and doing everything we can to help where we can.
  • We should make sure that our team and the reps in our team are being totally compliant with the laws and keep your company clean.
  • Make sure everyone knows that you get paid to move product not recruit
  • Build your personal brand so that you are not devastated when something like this happens.  Remember where ever you go there you are.
  • Always have the HIGHEST Morals, Ethics and Integrity in Life and In Business.

If I have offended anyone with this post then you are exactly the one I’m talking to.  Remember this could be you that are losing everything that you have worked for.

Let’s do everything we can to elevate the Network Marketing Profession to new heights instead of being one of those people that feed on others misfortune.

I really considered not doing this post, but after much thought and Prayer decided that it needed to be said.

[perfect_quotes id=”10345″]

Some of you may want to know the name of the company and I’m not going to give that out here.

I know it’s all over the internet at this point, but I don’t want to fuel any fires with their name even in my post so people can use it against someone.

I know there are people out there that are just going to do what they want and that’s just the way it is, but please if this has tweaked your heart please change and reach out to these unfortunate people and see where we can help.

There are real families involved here that will need help getting through this.

Here’re the thoughts of my upline and Top Earner Ray Higdon on the Subject.

Here’s another opinion from an MLM Attorney that’s great.

Just remember at the end of the day there isn’t any difference in your personal morals, ethics and integrity from your business ones.

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