Feature vs Benefit in Network Marketing

The Difference Between Feature vs Benefit in MarketingWhen Marketing your product in Network Marketing is critical you understand Feature vs Benefit and what to concentrate on.

First I want to give credit for this training to my mentor Ray Higdon and being a part of his Rank Makers Group.

All I can say is if you are not part of Rank Makers and you are in Network Marketing YOU are missing out!

Feature vs Benefit in Network Marketing

What I want to share with you today is a quick summary of what Ray taught today.

Remember to get this kinda training and support you need to be a part of “Rank Makers.”

So, let's first get into what the difference is between these two.


Features: Features are what your product or service IS.  Examples of this are things like, our vitamins contain the Acai berry and other natural ingredients.

Benefits: Benefits are what your product or service DOES.  Example of this is, you will have much more energy throughout the day with our product.

Feature vs Benefit – Which Would You Choose?

I love what Ray was teaching when it came to the choice between these two.

Most people, not all, but most people would rather hear about the Benefits and not the Features.

Our human nature is to know how it can help us regardless of how or why.

I want to know I'm going to lose 20 lbs. when I use a product and don't really care what's in it.

That said, I certainly don't want harmful things in my nutritional supplements.

I go into more depth in the video below.

Feature vs Benefit – Video

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Secret 3 Part Video Marketing Strategy

3 Part Video Marketing Strategy

When it comes to Video Marketing there are 3 critical parts to your Video Marketing Strategy is you want to be successful.

If you are one wanting to get started with Video Marketing then you need to understand there is a strategy to doing it successfully.

You can certainly just get out there and plaster videos everywhere and hope for the best, but don't hold your breath.

I want to thank Mark Harbert and all of his training.

Secret 3 Part Video Marketing Strategy

If you are going to be a success with any marketing you do, whether it's video, blogging, social media or traditional you have to have a strategy.

Understanding this strategy is key to your online video success.

1.   Research Your Market

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Forums
  • FB Groups
  • Create a List Of Topics

2.   Create Video Content

  • 101 Video Creation ideas Cheat Sheet
  • Answers their most pressing questions
  • Mobile phone
  • Create Your Video using this formula
    • Intro
    • Ask a Question
    • Content
    • CTA (What is the next step)

3.  Promote Your Content

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Paid Ads of your content
  • Blog Post
  • Native advertising
  • YouTube (Residual Leads)


Secret 3 Part Video Marketing Strategy – Video


Secret 3 Part Video Marketing Strategy – Summary

In summary, if you are serious about building your business online using Video Marketing then you need this formula.

I can tell that this is the strategy all of the top earners are using when it comes to Videos.

Make a difference in your business with Videos!

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We want to hear from you!

I would love to know how I can help you and how your journey is progressing.

Was this post valuable to you?  If YES… I would love to read your comments and share below.

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The 5 Secret Laws To Successful Webinars

The 5 Secret Laws To Successful WebinarsHaving great Webinars means understanding the 5 Laws of Successful Webinars and becoming an expert at each of them!

Having a great webinar platform is the beginning of doing great webinars.

For me, I currently use Zoom or WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is my preferred platform, especially the latest version just launched.

The 5 Secret Laws To Successful Webinars

First I want to thank the amazing team at WebinarJam that taught me these laws and have created the latest incredible version of WebinarJam that just launched on August 14th.

They have graciously given some amazing bonuses with your purchase of WebinarJam which includes the full training on Successful Webinars and so much more…

I will share with you how to get all of this at the end of the post!

1.  The Law Of Increased Registrations For Successful Webinars

The first thing to understand is that your registration page is really no different than any other optin page.

Your goal is to capture the lead!

That said, this makes your Headline the most important thing on the page, not the webinar details.

Now, most people think that you have to have a bunch of bullets explaining what the webinar is going to be about.

Expounding on the amazing content that the attendee is going to receive.


You have about 5 seconds to grab your visitors attention.

You are not going to do that with a bunch of bullet points!

Okay so here are 3 Headline formulas that I want to share with you.

1.  Headline Formula #1

“Incredible Good WITHOUT Incredible Bad”  (Even if you never/always)

Example: “How I discovered that I DID have 6-pack Abs and the No-Hunger, No-Exercise Way to make them appear on my middle-aged body!”

Example: “This Strategy created a 312% Productivity Increase WITHOUT hiring additional employees, increasing salaries, and added ZERO hours to my work week.”

2.  Headline Formula #2

How I/we/company/person of interest [Achieved an Awesome Outcome] [while burdened with a massive disadvantage].

Example:  “How I earned a 735 credit score with 2 Tax Liens on all 3 of my credit reports!”

Example: “The Simple After-School Game that helped put my ADD diagnosed 10-year old son onto the honor roll and into next years gifted-and talented program.” – this is a reverse of the formula.

3.  Headline Formula #3

For the [Prospect In Pain] How to [Live the Dream] starting with [A Low-Magnitude Change/Activity/Situation]

Example:  For the Busy Mom: How to quickly prepare healthy meals your children will love without ever turning on the oven.”

Example: For the Unpublished Author: How to get 4&5 star book reviews and explode onto best-seller lists without spending even a dollar on advertising.”

The other part of the registration is the attendance.

One way to increase your attendance from the Registration page is to Giveaway a Freemium!

A Freemium???

You want to engineer the Freemium and the Webinar to Compliment Each Other

Let the Freemium Pre-Frame the Webinar.

Key Questions created by the Freemium are answered on the Webinar.


  • Process Map
  • Check Lists
  • Mind Map
  • Free Report
  • Video Tutorials

Put these two things together, A Killer Headline and the Freemium, and you will have a winning Registration Page!

2.  Law Of Maximum Attendance For Successful Webinars

This section is all about maximizing your attendance.

Andy and Mike (founders of WebinarJam) introduce the 4-Part Indoctrination Strategy in this Law and I'm going to share with you the highlights.

The goal is to put your Attendee in a “Ready To Buy” state of Excitement.

Maximum Attendance is the Key to Offer conversion!

The Big Picture:

Between the time they register and the time of the Webinar:

  • You deliver 4 Specific messages to your Registrant
  • Each one is designed to intensify their desire to attend your webinar.


  1.   Indoctrination
    1.   “How To Be”  – you will learn how to be …
    2.   “How To Stop” – they will no longer suffer from…
    3.   “Introduce Technique X” – Technique X is the most power Feature of your product…
  2.   Reasons Why – Talk about the Outcomes viewers have had…
    1.   Start with the “State of” the User
    2.   Talk about the User's first effort that resulted in failure
    3.   Talk about how the User adopted a Tip (Technique X)
    4.   What happened to the User?
  3.   Surprise
    1.   Announce an important update!
    2.   Information that relates directly to your prospects KEY Pain Point and/or Key Pleasure Enhancement
  4.   Starting Now
    1.   It's time restate the first 3 communications in short bullet points
    2.   Only mention Benefits to the User
    3.   There's no time left to decide to attend – it's starting NOW
    4.   In the P.S. of your Message
    5.   Mention that you'll be answering Live FAQ's on the Webinar
    6.   Add another link to join
3 Communication Variations:
  1.   Just Email Only
  2.   Email “Selling the Click” to a Video.
  3.   Email “Selling the Click” to a Blog Post or Web Page

Again this is just a snippet of the powerful training that was in this second training video.

3.  The Law Of Maximum Engagement For Successful Webinars

In this section, they teach on “Webinar Stick Strategies.”

How to keep your Webinar Viewers Glued to your entire presentation.

Understand that keeping your Attendees around until you make your Offer is CRITICAL!

1.   The Reward Promise

This is where you offer the Attendee a Freeminum (FREE Stuff) just for attending the Webinar.

So, the key is you'll deliver the Freemium during your Webinar Q & A.

Key Factors that make The Reward Promise Work!

  1.   The bonus MUST have some Real Value!
    1.    It shouldn't conflict with your Webinar Offer.
    2.    It should be RELATED and Congruent – NOT Competitive!
  2.    Examples:
    1.    Weight Loss Product – “How to Read Food Labels” bonus
    2.    Legal Business Product – “Key Business Tax Advantages” bonus
  3.    How-To Offer And Deliver The Bonus
    1.    Offer and explain the Bonus immediately after you introduce yourself
    2.    Explain the VALUE (Financial and Explicit)
    3.    Explain that during the Webinar Q&A, you will show them how to get the Bonus
  4.    When and How to Deliver The Bonus
    1.    During the Q&A – Announce How
    2.    The Bonus is on the same page your Offer's Add to Cart Button is in the footer of the page
      1.   Include a link that takes them to a new page
      2.   This is where they can claim their bonus

2.   The Pick-A-Path Strategy

So, the pick-a-path strategy is where the Attendees create ‘Social Proof' and ‘Reason's why' “On-the-Fly.”

The Social Proof and Reasons why encourage ENGAGEMENT with your message.

In turn, this becomes the key to them sticking around and create Successful Webinars.


  1.   At the beginning of your presentation ask your attendees in the Chat WHERE they're from.
  2.   Conduct a Poll – Ask about the challenges and announce the results.
  3.   Conduct a Survey – Ask them what is the most important factor in using the solution will be.

So, I hope you see here how important maximizing your engagement during your presentation.

In summary, don't forget to engage not just present!

4.   Law Of The Perfect Offer For Successful Webinars

So, in this section, they talk about they teach about the 5 Specific “Plot Point” they tell a powerful story about your product, service, or opportunity.

They also talk about the technology to use for a “Fool Proof” Call To Action.

The Big Picture When It Comes to Successful Webinars:

  • Your Webinar is an Event In Time
  • You need important moments to “Unfold” before the view to maintain their enthusiasm.
  • The Best Way to create a compelling “Unfolding” is to structure your information.
  • So, how do you this, with “Plot Points”

5 Specific Plot Points:

  1.   In the beginning, Life Was Hard.
  2.   I decided to make a change, because – What was your “Tipping Point”
  3.   On the Road to discovery and Change, I learned these critical things.
  4.   This is how I applied what I learned, and this is what happened when I did.
  5.   This is my SYSTEM, and this is how it can work for you.

So, this is the journey you want to take your attendees on.

If you are not using these plot points it will change your results when you start.

Inciting The Action:

  • Make it as easy as possible for the viewer to take action
  • Old technology requires the user to leave the presentation.
  • New technology improves response significantly 

So, what to use to accomplish this new technology?

Stay tuned all will be revealed. 🙂

And with this new technology, you will be on your way to conducting many Succesful Webinars.

5.   The Law Of Echo For Successful Webinars

Learning this law could be where 75% of your sales come from.

This is all about the Webinar Follow-up Series, which is a MUST!


If you are using a good webinar system this should be automatic.

Having your webinar recorded allows you to edit your webinar for more successful webinars.

Editing allows you fix any errors and clean up the umms and ahhs.

This also allows you to optimize The presentation by adding clarification:

  • Use More Screen Captures
  • More Proof elements
  • More Example Images
  • Clarifying Text or Audio

Add information to handle objections that came up during the live presentation that you couldn't handle live.

Sharpen Your Pitch.

Once you are complete with your editing you then Send it to EVERYONE that didn't buy.

Follow Up Structure for Successful Webinars:

  1.  Message #1
    1.   Subject: the Webinar was a Huge Hit!
    2.   If you missed it, here's what people were saying…
    3.   Here's the Recording, but please note:
      1.   The recording will be archived and unavailable in a few days… so watch it NOW!
  2.   Message #2
    1.   Subject: Amazing Questions (Answered Here)
      1.   Here are the top 3 questions I got on the Webinar…
      2.   If you missed, Here's the Recording
  3.   Message #3
    1.   Subject: Last call
      1.  The response has been terrific!
        1.   People are saying…
      2.  Bad News
        1.   The System and Recording are going away…
      3.  This is the last day to watch.
      4.  Tomorrow will be too late.
        1.  Click here to watch
        2.  Click here to join the system

So, there you have it.

The 5 laws to Success Webinars.

The 5 Secret Laws To Successful Webinars – Summary

In summary, this was one of the best webinar training series that I have been through.

Now I told you that I would tell how you could get this entire training and much more at the end so here's how.

Click this link and get yourself the brand new WebinarJam 3.0 just launched at a deep discount, and Andy Jenkins And Mike Filsaime are throwing in a couple thousand dollars in bonus training.

You will not only get one of the best, if not the best webinar platform on the market but some of the best webinar training available.

Don't miss out on this because the cost will be going up!

Start doing your Succesful Webinars TODAY!

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The Secret Formula To Your Online Business Foundation

The Secret To Your Online Business FoundationIf you are looking for the Secret Formula to your Online Business Foundation then this is the post for you, so don't go anywhere!

If you have tried to build online and are struggling it's because you don't have a system.

One of the things I discovered very early in my online marketing journey was the need for a good system.

The Secret Formula To Your Online Business Foundation

The bottom line of Internet Marketing is all about Attraction Marketing and Building Relationships

The basis of Attraction Marketing and you business foundation is the Formula and Strategies below:

1.   Vision and Personal Development Strategy

A gentleman by the name of Michael Beckwith has a quote about a vision that goes like this.

“Pain Pushes You Until Your VISION Pulls YOU!”

For many years I kept hearing about having a WHY that makes you cry.

I can tell you that's great, but it's your Vision that will keep you going through the ups and downs of your business

Intertwined with your Vision is your Personal Development.

To reach your Vision in Life you need to be consistently growing!

Vision and Personal Development are critical when it comes to building your business online or offline.

2.   Personal Branding and Target Market Strategy

Here's another area that I just didn't understand in the beginning.

I thought like most people you should be promoting your business, product, and company.

Boy, was I wrong!

I don't know about you but companies come and go but the one thing that's always there is YOU!

Once I found the right System everything changed!

I started branding ME and helping my Target Market.

I didn't take long before people were hunting me down to get more training and help with their pain points.

The next step for them was to ask me what my primary Network Marketing business was and could they be a part of our team.

Start Branding You and Developing a Strategy to help you Target Market consistently with commitment.

You might choose Blogging, Videos, Social Media, or a combination of these for your Marketing Strategy.

The key is to choose one and get started, for me it was Blogging initially.

Choose one and become great at it, then you can start adding other strategies.

3.   Monetization Strategy

The sole purpose of your marketing is to get Leads and then Monetize those leads, Make Money!

Unless you are just marketing for fun and not trying to build your business monetization is critical for your business foundation.

I use Lead Magnets to exchange value for visitor information.

Another great way to capture leads and monetize are Webinars.

The key is to get them on your list by providing value and solutions to their pain points.

Once on your list, they will become open to purchasing and joining your team

That's called monetization!

4.   Content Creation and Content Marketing Strategy

So, your next question should be how do I add value to my target market?

The answer is with consistent Valuable Content Creation!

As you are going through your Personal Development you are going to learn things that you can pass on to your market.

My strategy has been Ray Higdon's ILT method.

Invest, Learn, Teach.

For me, this changed everything as far as content creation.

Consistency is the most important part of your content creation and your business foundation.

Your strategy is pretty simple, create valuable content to your target market consistently.

5.   Follow Up and Engagement Strategy

We've all heard the old axiom; “the fortune is in the follow up.”

Well, I'm here to tell you it's very true, follow up is essential.

I use an amazing CRM system to keep on my follow up.

Whatever system you use the key is to use IT!

Engagement on your Social Media profile's is another important method of follow up that is essential.

The more engagement you have the better more feedback you will get and better relationships you will develop. 

6.   Traffic Strategy

Now that you have everything set up and you are creating consistent valuable content you need people to see it.

Because I use my Blog as my hub for my marketing I send all my traffic there.

So when I put a post on Social Media I point it back to my blog.

Your Traffic strategy can be comprised of free organic traffic, paid traffic or a combination of both.

I would recommend starting with some free traffic strategies and graduate to paid traffic and paid ads.

Again the key is to get started and start generating traffic to your content and value.

The Secret Formula To Your Online Business Foundation – Summary

Of course, the primary secret to your business foundation is to start and be consistent.

Understanding the above formula will take your online marketing to the next step and beyond.

You just have to decide if you are tired of your old marketing and prospecting and ready to start a new and exciting strategy to build your business online!

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Attraction Marketing System Revealed

Attraction Marketing System RevealedWe've all heard about Attraction Marketing but do we really understand it and do we have a working Attraction Marketing System to build our business with?

If you have never heard of Attraction Marketing or just don't understand what it is, then don't go anywhere!

If you do know about Attraction Marketing but don't have a system and education program then this post is for you also.

Attraction Marketing System Revealed – Definition

Attraction Marketing - Attract interested prospects to you who already want what you have to offerClick To Tweet

So, the obvious question is how do you attract interested prospects to you?

The answer is simple – Add Value to the marketplace that addresses the biggest problems of your Target Market… (in other words, give your prospects what they want, and you will begin building your list of customers & prospects).

For Example:  If you are building a Network Marketing business, a great target market is: existing home business owners, or people looking to start a home business.

Their Biggest Challenges: LEADS & MONEY

So, if you are going to use Attraction Marketing Principles you would give them information on how to get more Leads and Generate More Income!

Attraction Marketing System – The Challenge

The challenge most new Network Marketers have is that it's next to impossible to ‘Add Value' if you're brand new.

How, as a new person do you answer the questions of leads and money if you or your new rep are just getting started yourself.

You are facing the same challenges that every new person is.

What you don't want to do is wait until you have had a bunch of success and then begin your attraction marketing.

You need a way to apply the Attraction Marketing principles while you grow and have your own success.

Attraction Marketing System Revealed – The Answer

The solution is simple.

You take advantage of other successful leaders value until you have your own.

How do you do that?

You find a system that has the Attraction Marketing Model all setup for you with Lead Magnets that you can use until you are the leader.

If you talk to the top leaders in our profession they will all tell you that's exactly what they did.

Use a good system that has all the tools, education, support and community that embraces the Attraction Marketing principles.

Attraction Marketing System Revealed – System

So, now you are probably asking yourself, where do I find a system that does all of that.

You want a system that allows you to have multiple income streams along with your Network Marketing business.

Your primary marketing strategy should be to Brand YOU and Build Your List, period.

What you want in a great system is a system that allows you to help, build relationships with, and earn money from the 90% who will say no to your MLM Business.

Enter MLSP the system of the Top Leaders and Earners in Network Marketing.

Attraction Marketing System Revealed – MLSP

So, what is MLSP and what does this system have to offer?

MLSP is NOT a Biz Opp… it's an education platform with an affiliate program!

MLSP Sites and Funnelizer for total customization and branding, CRM, build your List, community support, marketing training, live coaching, done for you funnels that add value to the marketplace instantly, Multiple Income Streams, World Class Software Solutions, MLSP has it all.

Here's the list:

  •   MLSP Sites – blogging platform
  •   Funnelizer – Lead/Sales page designer
  •   CRM – Contact Relationship Manager
  •   Community Support 
  •   World Class Training
  •   Live Coaching Weekly
  •   High Converting Done For You Funnels
  •   Multiple Streams of Income
  •   World Class Software Solutions…

You could certainly try to accomplish all that you need to without a good Attraction Marketing System, but why reinvent the wheel and spend a lot of uneccessary time.

MLSP has it all and allows you to make some additional income while you learn and build your primary Network Marketing business.

Attraction Marketing System Revealed – Re-Cap

Attraction Marketing: ATTRACT interested prospects to you instead of pitching and chasing… HOW?

Add VALUE that solves their problems (leads and money).  Simply give them what they want… Why?

Because in exchange for giving them VALUE, they give you their e-mail address, and you start building your list of customers and prospects (which is what your business REALLY is)… Then What?

You develop a RELATIONSHIP with your prospects as you continually give them more value… They will buy from you in the very near future as you follow the MLSP Blueprint!

In Summary:

  •   Attract Interested Prospects >>>
  •   Give them value in exchange for their email (i.e., build your list) >>>
  •   build Relationships with your List >>>
  •   Monetize, Make Sales, Sign Up Reps, and Get Paid

THE TOP EARNER SECRET: Your business is ‘your list of customers & prospects,' and in order to build that you must BUILD & BRAND YOU!

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We want to hear from you!

I would love to know how I can help you and how your journey is progressing.

Was this post valuable to you?  If YES… I would love to read your comments and share below.

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