3 Easy Tips For Huge MLM Team Duplication

3 Easy Tips For Huge MLM Team DuplicationAre you having a challenge with building your team or having success with team duplication?

Today I’m going to give you 3 easy tips to create some huge MLM Team Duplication.

This is one of those questions that I hear all the time.  People want to know what to do to create duplication in their team and make it easy.

One of the most desirable benefits of Network Marketing is the Freedom that it can give the average person.

One of the biggest the new and upcoming Network Marketer is how do I train my team without sacrificing all my time?

Well, hopefully, you will have all of your questions answered in this post.

3 Tips For Team Duplication

Watch the video below and I will go through the 3 tips that should change how you handle your team training and team duplication forever!

[Video] Team Duplication Tips

1.    Create Re-Usable Training Resources

This is crucial if you want your freedom and you want your team to grow to thousands.  Can you imagine having a team of 5 thousand and having to train them all the time.

You wouldn’t have any freedom at all!

That’s why you record your training either on video, audio or both and send your team to those re-usable resources.

This will do a couple things for you.  One it frees up your time to do the profit producing activities you need to be doing and second it becomes easy for new teammates to point their new teammates to these resources.

So the next time you do training for your team record it and create yourself a re-usable resource.  I would also check and see if any of your leaders already have resources that you can use while you are building.

The more MLM Training Videos and Audios you can develop and point your team the better.

2.    Point Team To the Training

The next thing you need to do is point the team to the training and get them to start doing the same.

Create the duplication you want.  It starts with you using the resources from tip #1.  Lead by example!

Think how easy it will become training the new rep when all you have to do is point them to the right mlm Training resources.

3.    Train the Trainers

Last but certainly not least is Train The Trainers.  If you really want the true FREEDOM that Network Marketing offers then you need to learn this tip.

I love the way my mentor and friend Ray Higdon puts it, “Teach To Teach.”

You need to become a Leader Creation Machine.  That means you need to teach your team to teach their team tips 1 and 2.

The more Leaders/Trainers you have the more freedom you will have, it’s that simple!

So I hope these three easy tips will help you build your team to new heights.

If this post, 3 Easy Tips For Huge MLM Team Duplication, has helped you please share and comment below. I would love to hear your success and questions.

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