We all want better ways to build and train our Network Marketing Teams.  Today I want to share my way of doing just that.

I personally love blogging to get my message out about Network Marketing.  Using my blog to not only attract new people to my Network Marketing Team but also to Train my existing Team really works.

The great value of having a blog to build and train with is that it’s a reusable resource.  It will help you leverage your time and wisdom with your team.

Wouldn’t it be great if everytime someone on your team had a question all you had to do was point them to a blog post or video that answered everything they needed.

Wouldn’t it be much more duplicatable to teach your team to do the same and point their new teammates to these reusable resources instead of everyone trying to be the go-to person.

Today I just want to share with you 3 reasons why I believe using a Blog to build and train your Network Marketing Team is a great idea.

3 Ways to Use A Blog To Build And Train Your Network Marketing Team

1.  Communication with Prospects

This is how I communication with prospects who are interested in knowing what I do and what Network Marketing is all about.

People are being barraged on the internet every day with how bad MLM is and how it’s all a big SCAM and I love that I can be one person that gives out the true story about Network Marketing

Being able to send prospects to my blog and specifically a post that answers their questions does 2 things.

FIRST – It answers their question with the proper perspective when it comes to Network Marketing.

SECOND – It sets me up as an expert and someone that is giving them some value.  Remember that people do business with those they know, like, and trust.

The other thing that having a blog does is allow you to communicate with everyone on the same level.  Understand that some prospects are going to need more answer and you will have to actually talk to them, but having a way to set the standards up in one place for all to see is a big plus.

I can tell you whenever I have a prospect that has a question or objection about Network Marketing one of the first things I will do is ask them to read a post that I have on that subject.

I almost always get a great response back when I follow up because they feel like they understand it better and they are working with someone who is an expert.

2.  Communication With Your Team

 Can you imagine how big a team you would have if you had to spend every day all day answering questions and helping everyone on your team?

You certainly wouldn’t have much time to build and help new people on the team.

Having Reusable Resources, in my opinion, is a MUST!

If you really want to build a huge team and legacy you CAN NOT spend your time being the “Shell Answer Man” for the team.

You have to learn to point people to these Reusable Resources and then teach your team to do the same so they can grow.

I can’t tell you how my Blog has helped me with this.  I have done a number of training videos and then posted them in a training area on my Blog and that’s where I send people on the Team.

Using your blog as a repository of training videos, audio, and articles are just great ways to leverage your time and knowledge and train your team.

I know that your company is going to have a lot of information and training that can be used also but having something especially for YOUR team, again sets you up as an expert on your team.

3.  Sets You Up As The Expert To Prospects And Team

How would you feel if people were reaching out to you on a regular basis because they saw you as the expert in the Network Marketing Profession?

Wouldn’t it feel great to not have to chase down your friends and family because of how they perceived you in your profession.

I can tell you from experience that I have people reaching out to me every day wanting to get to know me and find out what I do and it’s not because I’m a handsome devil.

Because of my Blog, they have seen me out on the Internet and have seen me as someone with authority when it comes to the Network Marketing Profession.

It turns you into the Hunted instead of the Hunter which is exactly where you want and should be.

The second thing it will do for you is to help your team see you as a leader in our profession.  When they see that you are all over the Internet and Social Media giving out great value they will not hesitate to turn to their leader for the leadership they need.

I can tell from my experience that having an upline who understands how to leverage his time and knowledge is worth its weight in gold.

My current upline is a master at that and it has helped our team grow and become a better community and that’s what it’s all about.

Your Blog becomes the go-to spot for your team and your prospects which will free you up to do the things that will build and reinforce your community, building relationships!

So the next time you sit down to think about should I have a blog or if you already have a blog how can I use it to build and train my Network Marketing team I hope you will refer back to this post.

Without my Blog, I would be spending a whole lot of time and energy doing things to build and train my team that are just not duplicatable.

You want your team to feel like, “I can do that” when it comes to training their team.  I mean how hard is it to just point someone to a Reusable Resource and then train your team to do the same.

I hope this has and will continue to help you be a Great Success in Your Network Marketing Business and then help many others to do the same!


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