3 Exciting Tips on Prospecting New Recruits

3 Exciting Tips on Prospecting New Recruits

The importance of mastering the act of prospecting and recruiting as a network marketer can not be emphasized enough.

At the end of the day, they are the main fuel that you need to drive your network marketing business to the next level!

Prospecting is the act of sorting out who in your world of potential consumers REALLY need your solution to their problem and.YOU also would like to do business with.

In the network marketing world recruiting usually follows prospecting. Therefore, recruiting is the act of taking a prospect and converting them into a customer or a business builder

Here are your tips on Prospecting

1.     Feel out the needs of your prospect by asking questions.

We all have an idea why everyone should become a part of our business whether it’s as a customer or a business owner.

How many times have you approached a possible recruit spending all of your mind power coming up with some great come back, or smart answer that is just going to knock them dead.

We forget that God has blessed us all with ONE Mouth and TWO EARS!  What does that mean?  What it means is that we should be listening to others twice as much as we are talking.

Thomas Freese wrote a book years ago called Secrets of Question-Based Selling that talks about just this. Click To Tweet

2.     Create Hope In Your Prospect, NOT Hype.

People are barraged with HYPE every day of their lives.  They turn on the TV and it’s hype, hype, hype.

You need to be different and offer your prospects HOPE instead of HYPE!  The key is to find out what hope they need with tip number one and then solving that with your opportunity.

You will be amazed what a difference your recruiting will be when you start offering Hope!  Click To Tweet!

3.     Develop an Ongoing Relationship With Your Prospects

We all have heard that it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 exposures before the average prospect will make a decision to join your team.

Why does knowing this matter, because you are going to have to build a relationship with your prospects not just jump on the old adage, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT” just doesn’t work these days.

Using the first two tips will make developing these relationships a lot easier.  Click To Tweet!

Effective recruiting is all about developing relationships by getting to know your prospects and what pushes their buttons.

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