3 Parts Of Conducting A WebinarSo, you’re going to do your first webinar and you want to know about conducting a webinar that does everything you need and want to accomplish.

The other day I wrote a post on Webinar Marketing How and Why To Do Them.  I would start with reading this post first and then come back here.

Now that you have gone through all of the setups, creation and marketing it’s time for conducting the webinar.

You want to make sure that you are conducting a webinar that will accomplish exactly what you have set out to.

You don’t want to rush through this without a plan or clear understanding of how to conduct the webinar properly.

Remember you want to be yourself on these webinars.  Be excited, vulnerable, passionate a real human being and remember to smile.

Therefore, don NOT shy away from sharing your story, thoughts, and emotions with your audience!

Here Are The 3 Parts Of Conducting A Webinar

1.     Introduction

Here’s where you let people know exactly who you are or who you are introducing to conduct the webinar.

You may tell your story or the story of the presenter if it’s someone other than yourself.

You want to be yourself and give them a reason to stay on the webinar to get the free training that’s about to show up.

This is where you want to SHUT OFF THE CHAT!  This will keep them focused.

Remember not to take so much time with this that you take away from the training that people came to get.

You want to introduce you premise and hook during this section.  Example: “Why 95% Of All Internet Marketers Are Failing.”

Give them Your Promise of the Premise and acknowledge that you will keep your promise.

2.     Training

This is the real meat of the webinar that will typically be the majority of your webinar.

You want to make sure that you have given the value.  This is where you BRING IT!

People need to feel that it was worth it to come to your webinar and that if all they do is stop there and use the FREE Training they will have results and things will change.

You are building up to the end of the training to the offer.  If you haven’t delivered enough on the free training they won’t want to hear about the offer at the end.

3.     The Offer

This is your opportunity to present your offer for that particular webinar.  If you have done a great job with number two then people will want to know how to go even further in their training.

The key is to really bring it during the training phase when you are conducting a webinar.

I believe that if you do a great job with number 2 then this phase will fall in line without any issues.

Pre-Live Phase of Conducting A Webinar

  • Start About 5 Minutes Early
  • Welcome Guests
  • Let them know how many people are in the room and how lucky they are to be there.
  • Encourage people to chat and state where they are from
  • Ask some qualifying questions if you have the time.

This is your opportunity to gauge your audience and see exactly where they are at before you get started.

These are the basics of Conducting A Webinar that should get you started.

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