3 Powerful Online Tools For Generating Leads And Making Sales

3 Powerful OnlineTools For Generating Leads And Making Sales

I get asked all the time what online tools do I use to generate Leads, Build my Business and Make Sales Online.

So, today I thought I would give my 3 online tools that I use to build my business.

When I first started doing online marketing and trying to generate leads and build my Network Marketing Business I had no clue what to tools I needed and even where to find them.

I knew that just like an offline business or even traditional business I was going to need something in place to do what I wanted to accomplish.

The great thing about online marketing compared to the traditional offline marketing is that it is a lot cheaper and your overhead is significantly less.

With a traditional business, you would have marketing costs, in addition to some of these overhead costs.

  • Rent
  • Electricity
  • Employees
  • Phones
  • Insurance
  • Furnishings
  • Etc…

On the other hand, with your online business you will have a fraction of the costs when it comes to overhead!

Here Are My 3 Online Tools that I Believe You Will Need

I want to say first that these tools are the tools.  I will recommend what I brand of these tools that I use, but there are others out there that might fit your needs better.

1.  Your Blog

Your blog is your home on the internet.  Some would say that without a blog you are pretty much homeless when it comes to online marketing.

First_BlogI like to think of it as your online storefront or presence.  It’s where everyone will and should go to find out about you and what you have to offer.

There’s the debate as to whether you should marketing your business and product or market yourself.

Personally for me I believe in Personal Branding, because whatever happens with your business you are always the one that is still there.

A blog is where you are going to share your story, add value, talk about your products and services and business opportunity and your personal branding.

You can offer other affiliate products and programs on your blog…

Host hangouts on your blog…

And drive traffic from Google and Social Media!

For your blog, you are going to need a blogging system.

My preference is WordPress because it is so popular, been around forever and has a ton of useful plugins and themes.

I would also recommend that you create a self-hosted site instead of hosting on the WordPress.com site. This means that you would get a hosting account and install WordPress on the hosting account and connect your domain to that account.

It is my opinion that your Blog is probably the most important of the online marketing tools.

More about all of that here.

Activate you hosting for your Blogging and Start Branding Yourself Now!

2.  A Capture Page Creator

A capture page is a door in which your leads are going to enter your world.  This is where you will send your prospects to collect their information and let them through the door.

You must have a lead magnet or something of value to offer them so they will give you their information to add to your lists.

Here’re a couple of examples of what a capture page might look like:

capture page example 1

capture page example 2

I am using two systems at this point that work very well.

Activate The Capture Page Creator That I Prefer Right Now and Start Generating Leads!

3.  Your Autoresponder

An autoresponder service works in conjunction with the capture page creator. It’s the software that allows you to follow up with the prospect after they enter in their email address on your capture page.

autorespondersThis is how you start building a list of HOT prospects who are ready to buy from you!

So, the more your list grows, the more people you have to talk to all at once. Let’s say you grew your list up to 10,000 subscribers. If you had a sale or promotion going on…or even an online presentation that you were hosting, you can blast the information or the invitation out to 10,000 people with a click of a button.

It totally makes sense. At least to me it does and from the results that I’ve been getting with it (creating a 6 figure income online in just one year)….proves that it works better!

Having a capture page to generate leads but nowhere to keep them would be a disaster.  If you want to generate leads then you have to have both A Capture Page System and an Autoresponder!

Activate your autoresponder now and start following, communicating and building a relationship with your prospects starting today.

These are my TOP 3 online tools that EVERY online business builder…NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS YOU ARE IN….should be using. This right here is really the only basic ‘OVERHEAD’ you should have in your online business. Without these tools….you will keep drowning in your sorrows.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, 3 Powerful OnlineTools For Generating Leads And Making Sales. If you found value, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT below and let me know your thoughts or questions.

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