3 Practical Goal Setting Tips For 2016How would you like 3 practical goal setting tips that could change your success in 2016?

We have all made goals at one time or another in our lives now you are going to learn how to do them right. ūüôā

The challenge most of us have when it comes to goal setting is a couple of things.  First we make them to vague and second we make them unachievable.

Last night I was on a webinar with my mentor, upline and friend Ray Higdon on goal setting tips and how to explode your 2016.

I hope these 3 goal setting tips will help you to make this one to remember.

3 Practical Goal Setting Tips For 2016

1.     Be Attainable

We all know how to set goals, especially at the New Year.  The challenge most people have it that they are so stoked and excited about the new year that they set goals that are just not attainable.

Things, like I want to make $1,000,000 and you, are currently making $40,000.

You might want to increase your team by 500 in the first six months and you currently have 4 teammates.

Now can these be done, sure but certainly not for the average person and most will fail miserably.

Especially if this is a goal that you have many times before and not accomplished.

I know we have been taught to stretch ourselves and push for big wins and I’m all for that. ¬†I can tell you though that having a lot of small wins throughout the year is much more effective than having a bunch of losses all year because we set our goals so high they just can’t be reached.

Let’s make our goals a stretch this year, but not a shot to the moon that can’t be reached. ¬†Work on achieving small wins along your journey this year and you will be amazed at what it looks like at the end of the year.

2.     Breakdown to small bites

This is probably where most people fail. ¬†It’s like the old saying, “How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time.”

Let’s take an example. ¬†Let’s say that you want to add 50 personal team members over the next year. ¬†Instead of just leaving it there let’s break it down to what you need to do daily.

1.    That means you have to bring on 4 Р5 new teammates every month.
2.    That means you have to bring on 1 -2 new teammates every week.
3.    Making the assumption that you have a 5% close rate you will have to expose around 40 Р50 each week
4.    Making the above assumptions you will have to expose 5 Р6 new people every day to accomplish your goal

Can you see how this will make accomplishing your goal much easier?  You are only looking at what you do on a daily basis and celebrating the wins along the way.

At the end of the year, you will be amazed at where you are if you keep up on the daily tasks that you have laid out.

3.     Track Progress

Last but certainly not least is to track your progress on a daily basis. ¬†It’s been said that you can’t change what you don’t track and I totally believe this is true.

Put together a small spreadsheet if you need to and check off when you complete those things that you need to for your daily tasks to make your short term and long term goals.

If you just go about your year thinking that you are on track and haven’t bee actually tracking your progress who knows where you might end up.

Would you want to fly with an airline captain that plots his course to your destination ¬†and then never checks his progress along the way and only hopes you’ll end up at the right place?

Track, Track, Track!!!!

I hope these 3 goal setting tips have helped you and that this year, 2016 will be your best year so far!

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