3 Proven Prospecting Tricks To Generate 20 Free Leads Per Day

3 Proven Prospecting Tricks To Generate 20 Free Leads Per DayHow would you like to have 3 Proven Prospecting Tricks that will generate you 5 -20 leads per day like clockwork?

Today I’m going to share with you 3 proven tips that will get you generating leads on a daily basis.  If this is something you might need then be sure to read this whole post.

This tips will be offline and online so you have a choice as to what method you want to use.

One of the biggest questions I get on a regular basis is “How and Where Can I Get Leads?”

Hopefully after today’s post you won’t ever have that questions AGAIN!

Of course there are a lot of paid ways to generate leads, but what I am talking about today are Free Leads that are qualified and want to talk to you, can’t get any better than that, right!

Here Are Your 3 Proven Prospecting Tricks

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Here is a summary of the 3 prospecting tricks from the video

1.    Work Events

Go to local events and do 2 things that most people just don’t do.

•   Collect Business Cards instead of giving yours out all over
•   Follow up the next couple of days on all of the cards you collected.

These are two things that most Network Marketers just don’t do.

2.    Realtor Signs

Here’s another one that most don’t do.  Go after Realtors.  They are entrepreneurs and are typically open for new opportunities to supplement what they are doing.

Use their signs as business cards and give them a call

3.    Free Seminar/Webinar

Webinars are by far one of the best ways to not only generate leads but to make some good money while you build your business.

Take the time to learn this skill and get together with another leader and put on training and value based webinars.

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I hope this post, 3 Proven Prospecting Tricks To Generate 20 Free Leads Per Day, has helped.  Please share and comment below your thoughts on prospecting.

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