3 Great Tips From The Late Jim Rohn

3 Great Tips From The Late Jim RohnI was watching on of the great Eric Worre’s episodes today and just had to share the great tips he shared from the late Jim Rohn.

Eric Worre has been doing a series on what he learned from the Great Jim Rohn.

He is also having a FREE Webinar on the Best of Jim Rohn today 1 PM PST.

Eric was mentored by Jim and has been passing some of what he learned over the past week on his daily video episodes.

Today’s episode really resonated with me so I thought I would share this with You.


Here is the recap on Jim Rohn’s 3 Tips

Here are the tips.

1     Think on Paper.

Keep a journal on paper or at least in some form that you can jot down your ideas, notes and thoughts when they happen.

2    Don’t Major on Minor Things

You’ve probably heard this before, but I love how Eric relayed it to us.  Keep a focus on those half dozen things that are important and don’t let the minor things take over.

3.   The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Think about the day that your life was turned around and you made that decision to commit and never quit.

Maybe you haven’t made it yet and today will be that day when you tell yourself enough is enough and things change for you and your family forever.

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Also, if you are not following Eric Worre and his daily episodes of awesome training then you are missing out.

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