MLM Recruiting: 3 Tips on Social Media Marketing

MLM Recruiting: 3 Tips on Social Media Marketing

MLM Recruiting is the biggest questions most new recruits have.  They are always looking for new ways to increase sign ups and increase conversions into their business.

But, what happens when you’re doing all you can and your downline just isn’t growing as fast as you expect it to?

If you have hit a wall with your MLM recruiting and are looking for new, fresh ways to increase your sign ups, income and authority, here are three methods for MLM recruiting you can implement now to get better results.


Recruiting for Network Marketers is all about building Relationships

While you see network marketers flooding the online MLM scene, so many people are getting this wrong that if you can recruit the right way online you will see incredible success. Online marketing is more than just shooting out a link about your business opportunity and hoping it attracts tons of people to your business. Those that understand how to leverage the power of social media the right way will see the most success.

3 Tips on Social Media Marketing

1. Don’t send unsolicited links to people?

2. Focus on engagement and getting to know people by opening up the door to conversation, listening and building genuine friendships.?
3. Lead with your personal value, not what the company or its products can do for someone.

Learn How to Use Email Effectively:

Learning how to recruit via email is a great way to get prospects attention when it comes to sharing your home based business.

The key is to give your prospects the answers they need to make the right decision.

You want to create the least amount of resistance when recruiting via email. To do this, you should focus on the prospect.

That means not listing all the reasons why you are so excited to have found the company.

Next, you want to qualify and make sure the prospect genuinely has an interest before you send a single email.

Lastly, know how to get people in front of your opportunity without forcing them into watching your presentation or business overview.

The last method for network marketing recruiting is to use target marketing. If you know the types of people you want to work with, go after those, and focus on attracting those types of people to you.

That means attending events, webinars, and participating in online groups and forums that are aimed at your target audience.

This will help you surround yourself with your ideal prospect and make it that much easier to connect and engage with them through common interests.

This is the age of social media marketing for everything we do.  The challenge is how do we professionally enter the world that is primarily design for fun.

People don’t get on facebook and the other social media platforms to be pitched.  They are there because they want to have and build new and old relationships.

If we always remember that it’s all about creating that relationship and building rapport, we will start being ask about our business instead of having to force it down people’s throat.

My Mentor and Friends Ray & Jessica Higdon have done some incredible training products on Social Media Marketing.

There is a ton of MLM Recruiting Systems and MLM courses.  One of the best courses I have found out there on how to build using a blog is Ray Higdon’s “3 Minute Expert.

Watch the 3 FREE Videos and look at what he offers in his full course and you will be blown away.

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