The 3 Types Of Marketing Traffic You Need To KnowUnderstanding the three types of Marketing Traffic is essential to you building your business online. I love what Russell Brunson Teaches about Traffic.

My guess is that most of you will think that SEO is one of the three types and probably the main one.

You would be wrong!

Most people I talk to about Marketing Traffic think it’s all about mastering SEO and making sure that you rank high on the search engines.

The 3 Types Of Marketing Traffic You Need To Know

Once you understand what the three types of traffic are, you will be amazed at how it changes your approach to marketing.

We all want to think there is some magic formula that will help us get tons of traffic to our blogs and our offers.

There isn’t one that I know except understanding these three types of traffic.

Don’t get me wrong doing some basic SEO on your blog post isn’t a bad thing, but spending hours after hours tweaking things to be perfect may not be as valuable as you might think.

The 3 Types Of Marketing Traffic

So, without further ado here are the three types:

1.   Traffic You Control

Paid traffic is traffic that you control that you send to the right people for your offer.

Things like Facebook or Google ads.  You can control who sees your ads and therefore control where the traffic is.

Paid ads are traffic that we control.  We can spend money then tell people where to push the traffic.

2.   Traffic You Don’t Control

One excellent example of traffic you don’t control is SEO.

With SEO you optimize your blog and offers to rank high on the search engines and then hope someone sees them.

You spend a lot of time tweaking and adjusting your pages with hopes that someone will see them.

You just don’t control who and where traffic comes from.

Another good example is our Social Media posts.

We have no idea who’s going to share what and who’s going to click on which post.

3.   Traffic You Own – The Best Kind of Traffic

Without question, the best kind of traffic you can have is Traffic You OWN!

When I own my traffic, I don’t have to pay for it again.

You can send that traffic where and to who you want.

This Traffic type is how you become financially free by having Traffic You Own.

The 3 Types Of Marketing Traffic You Need To Know – Summary

Now that you understand the three types of Traffic and which one is the best you now know where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Building your list which is the Traffic You Own should be your highest priority!

All of the traffic you don’t own you push to your blog where you can work on capture them as a lead.

The traffic you do own you push to your capture pages, it’s that simple.

In conclusion, if you are serious about building your business and want to take your business to the next level then Check This Out.

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