3 Ways to Build Your Confidence in Network Marketing

3 Way To Build Your Confidence

3 Way To Build Your Confidence

Today’s post comes from a great mentor and a person who has and is elevating the Profession of Network Marketing, Eric Worre.  If you Want to Build Your Confidence in Network Marketing then read this post.

I got this from a training I’m currently taking from Eric called The Next Level.  This is for serious people who really want to make their 2015 an incredible year.  It has started but you can still get in the training and it’s absolutely FREE, but don’t do it if you are not serious about building your business.

Okay without any more delay let’s get into these three things that WILL Build Your Confidence!

3 Ways to Build Your Confidence:

  1. Understanding
    Understanding and learning as much as you can will only build your confidence as you take this journey.

    1. Learning all the time
      To me this is very critical.  If you are not learning everyday you will become stagnant.  The more you know about your company, comp plan, product, and the industry you are in the more confident you will become.
    2. Surrounding yourself with the right people.
      Being around the right positive people will help keep your mind guarded against the negative in life that brings us DOWN.  You will be influenced most by those you surround yourself with on a daily basis whether negative or positive.  Positive people will help build your confidence and help keep your attitude high.
  2. Skills
    Become a professional in your business with the skill levels that go with it and see how the will build your confidence.

    1. Develop the 7 skills
      1. Finding Prospects
      2. Inviting
      3. Presenting
      4. Follow Up
      5. Closing
      6. getting People Started
      7. Promoting Events
    2. Personal growth
      I can’t say enough about personal growth.  Even at my age (62) I consider myself just a babe in my personal growth.  I read, listen, and watch everyday and then put into practice what I am learning.  Mindset and personal growth is such a big part of you building confidence.
  1. Programming
    Removing the BAD programming that we have been taught growing up and replacing it with GREAT programming will help change so many things in your life and business.  We need to first identify where the bad programming is and then consciously and consistently make the effort to change that programming.  Below are some areas that might require your re-programming.

    1. Mindset
    1. Re-programming
    1. Guard against negative
    2. Feed with positive
    3. Peer disapproval
      Who cares…. your peers are usually broke and don’t have the same dreams that you do.  They also don’t pay your bills or feed your family!
    4. Been told that you are nothing
    5. You can’t go because you’re to old
    6. You’ve never had success before
      If you’ve never had any success then start by changing your self talk and assuming your success.  Then when it comes focus on the success not the failures.
    7. Embarrassed about Network Marketing
      You’re probably embarrassed about Network Marketing because you’ve been programmed that it has a bad rep.  Change that!
    8. Look for repeating patterns
      If you find repeating patterns that will be a clue for you to start the re-programming effort.

So now the question to you is this…. What is your plan to Excel in each of these areas!!!!

I promise you that if you work on these three areas your 2015 will be better than you could ever imagine.  This is just a choice, is it going to be easy, no, but it is going to be worth it and it will change your life.

Please share this with your team and comment below.

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