3 Ways to Build Your Team Strong!

3 Ways to Build Your Team Fast

3 Ways to Build Your Team Fast

Build Your Team Fast is what every new Network Marketer would love.  The question is how do we do that.  I read this great post by Tanya Aliza on how to build your team fast so thought I would share some of her thoughts and give you some of mine.

I’ll start with a little secret that she presented and that I have heard many times over the years and it still stands true.  When things are at a stand still:


  • Someone quits – Go do another presentation
  • Someone says No – Go do another presentation
  • Someone takes half your downline to another company – Go do another presentation
  • Someone says they need to think about it – Go do another presentation
  • Someone says it’s a scam – Go do another presentation

I think you are getting the picture…. the answer to just about all your Network Marketing challenges is “Go Do Another Presentation.”

Tanya Aliza is an incredible marketer and blogger.  I have learned so many things about blogging and teaching others what I learn.  I’m going to share with you 3 of her Network Marketing tips that she shared in a blog she wrote that I thought you would all benefit from.

I love these tips because I believe if you understand these three and put them into practice you WILL BUILD a STRONG TEAM!

#1 – Understand that the #1 thing a New Member wants is to make their investment back

Helping your new rep make their initial investment back as quickly as possible will get you one motivated and excited new rep who will be excited about helping others do the same.  The faster the better!

Don’t overlook the simplicity and power of this.  Most people think they want to make the big bucks, but the reality the belief starts with recouping the initial investment and building the belief that this model really works. It’s amazing how much this simple thing will motivate and excite your new rep and it becomes very contagious.

Lastly, because of it’s simplicity it becomes very duplicatable which is so very important.  If it doesn’t duplicate then it won’t grow, just a fact.

#2 – Understand that 90% of people have never been Business owners before

If we understand this then we will realize how asking someone to present a business to their friends and family is going to be a challenge and most likely end in a ‘I’ll wait to see how you do first’ scenario. Perhaps a better approach would be to teach the new teammate to lead with the product and getting their honest opinion.  This will reduce the tension and concern of their business savvy with friend and family.

Let me ask you, if a good friend came up to you and indicated they started a new business and asked if you would support them by buying a months worth of product and trying it out so that it could help you with your marketing, because of your relationship you would say yes, wouldn’t you? Of course you would….that’s what friends do.

This will get more success for your new rep and move lots of product for that first month which will also get their initial investment paid back fast putting their business in profits within the first month and creating that motivation and excitement.

All this without alienating their friends and family and Build Your Team Strong.

#3 – Get to the Events

All the great Network Marketers will tell you that this is crucial/essential to building your team. courage that This should be an absolute MUST for anyone on your team that to build a successful strong Team and make the walk away income.

All things should lead to the next major event.  Every new rep on your team should know exactly when and where the next event is and whether or not they are going.

This can’t be stressed enough…NO Events, NO Growth.  I will tell you this, not everyone that goes to events will be hugely successful, but anyone that is hugely successful goes to all the events.  So you take away from that what you will.

Again thanks to Tanya Aliza for sharing her insight on these 3 tips.

Please share this with your team and comment below.  The more we can educate our profession the better off we will all be.

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