3 Ways to Increase Your Focus

3 Ways to Increase Your Focus

Increasing our focus is something we all need to do on a daily basis.  Eric Worre did a show today on focus that was great.

I’m sure at one time or another we have set out to accomplish some very important tasks in our day and when the day was done you are amazed that nothing got accomplished.

I will say that sometimes there are some great things that happen in the distractions in our lives.

That said you are more served by being focused and accomplishing those things that you know you should be.

Having the focus you need to build your Home Business will be the difference between winning and losing.

Some Distractions from Having Focus

Here are a few things that will distract you from being focused on those things you know you need to be doing.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Your Favorite Shows
  • Non-Profit activities
  • Busy work at the office
  • Checking Your Back Office

There are a lot more things that fit on this list.  The bottom line is anything that takes you away from those things that you have determined to accomplish on a daily basis, is a distraction!

Here Are Your 3 Things To Increase Your Focus

1.     Remove All Distractions

I know this seems so obvious, but you would be amazed at how many people have no idea what they are doing is actually a distraction.

fb-staringYou need to understand what a distraction is in your business and then you will be able to nip it in the bud.

A Distraction is anything that you are doing in your business that is NOT profit producing and keeping you from completing your designated tasks for that day!

You might think that spending hours surfing Facebook is all a part of networking and building your home business.

I would agree that developing those relationships on Social Media are a part of building your business but how much time do you really need to give each day to accomplish that.

How many times have you started out with all your good intentions to connect and build and you find yourself watching someone’s video or getting involved in some non-productive comment stream?

It happens before we know it.  Just remember that if it’s taking away from profit-making activities then you need to STOP and re-evaluate what your priorities are.

2.    Schedule Your Day

I love what Eric Worre taught this morning on setting 3 main tasks that you want to accomplish each day and don’t deviate from those until you have accomplished them.

When we set up exactly what tasks we need to accomplish in the day it helps us to stay more focused.

I mean actually write them down and check them off when you have accomplished them.  Don’t just keep them in your head and think you will remember and get them done.

You have to WRITE THEM DOWN! 

You would be amazed at how this will keep you on track.

I have sticky notes and a schedule that I make sure I check off my tasks each and every day, even if it’s a task to take some time with the family and rest.

I challenge you to each night before you go to bed setup your 3 main tasks for the next day and see how that changes your focus.

3.    Work On Your Mindset

This is crucial in everything we do.  If you don’t have the right mindset it will be hard to stay focused on the things you know you need to do.

My mentor and friend Ray Higdon has some great training on your mindset that I believe everyone should go through and be working on their mindset every day.

Having the right mindset for your Home Based Business will make the difference between being successful or struggling daily.

This is something that should be on your daily list of tasks.  Maybe this is task item number 4 that is on your list every single day – Work On Mindset and Personal Growth!

I challenge you to set your schedule this week and at the end of the week go back and see what you accomplished and what you didn’t.

If you are not always evaluating and adjusting as you go you won’t get any better.

As a pilot, I learn very early on that there are many forces that will take you off course and you need to be constantly checking and adjusting as you go.

You don’t want to end up somewhere you didn’t plan on because you thought everything was okay.

I hope this will help you to increase your focus each day and build your business to new heights.

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