3 EASY WAYS TO INCREASE SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENTHere are some easy ways to increase your social media engagement.  If you want to get the whole training you can get that here and so much more.

One of the things that most people do is to ASSUME that people know that you want them to share and comment.

Understand that most people won’t act if you don’t ask them to share, comment or tag your post.

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If you don’t have a social media engagement strategy or understand what social media engagement tools to use then here’s a great resource that might help.

3 Easy Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement

1.     Give Aways – If I, Would You.

One great way is to give away something for the engagement that you want.

I heard both Eric Worre and Ray Higdon use this technique or line if you will.  “If I, Would You.”

Basically what you are doing is a gentle Bribe to your viewer and visitors.  If they will share, comment and tag then you will give them something in return.

This could be a free giveaway or some course that you might have or just about anything of value.

The whole point is to get them to comment, share and tag your post with as many people as possible.

2.    Form A Tribe

I have found this is one of the best ways to prime the pump and get things started.

Getting that First comment or share is typically the most challenging.  If you can get a number of like-minded people who want to tribe together then you can get the process started a lot easier.

I currently belong to a couple of tribes that do just that.  We each comment and share each others posts on a daily basis so we never have blog post with 0’s in the sharing section and we always have at least some comments.

You would be amazed how many people come to your post and just don’t want to be the first person commenting or sharing.

Forming a Tribe will eliminate this challenge and start your engagement out with some great connections already in place.

3.     Interact With Your Commenters

Last but certainly not least is once you have people commenting on your post, interact with them.

Take the time to thank them, comment on what they have said and just be social!

Seems pretty much like common sense, right, but you would be amazed at how many posts I comment on and never hear a thing back from the person that wrote the post.

I promise you that you will stand out if you start interacting with those that comment on your posts.

This in turn will spawn new people wanting to comment and share your posts.  Just be SOCIAL!



I hope this has helped and you see the importance of having a social media strategy and using these 3 easy steps to increase your social media engagement.

If this post has helped you and you see value please share, comment and tag this for your friends.  You may help someone else today that you never thought you would.

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