4 Learning Stages – Reducing Frustration in your Business

4 Learning Stages - Reduce Frustration

4 Learning Stages – Reduce Frustration

We all go through these learning stages throughout our lives.  When we were a baby we were just incompetent and didn’t know any better.   As we get older and learn more we move along the learning stages.

Very quickly in some areas we get to stage 4 and we say that these things are second nature to us.  Things like, walking, or riding a bike, or driving a car, or brushing your teeth.

We Just do these things without really thinking about it.  So one of the keys to reducing your frustrations in life concerning your business, your team, or your life is to become familiar with the Learning Stages and work everyday to progress along the stairs.

Here Are The 4 Learning Stages

  1. Unconsciously Incompetent
    This is the learning stage that happens when we are very young or just starting out in a new endeavor.  We just don’t know what we don’t know.Progressing from this stage to the next is probably the easiest because it’s on the bottom and there’s no where else to go.  As soon as we see the possibilities out there we move to stage 2.  Some call this the “Aha” moment.
  2. Consciously Incompetent
    In this stage we are now aware of what we are incompetent in.  This is where most people are stuck and have a more challenging time moving up the stairs.This is going to take learning, studying, practical work, and more to move to the next stage.  In the book “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell he states that it takes 10,000 times of doing something to move to the 4th stage of learning.So if you want to move to the next stage you need to start investing in your learning and personal growth in a major way.

    Or you can just happily stay where you are – Stage 2 and know that you are incompetent!

  3. Consciously Competent
    In this stage you now have reach a point that as long as you are concentrating on what you are doing you are competent at that task.It’s like when you first started driving.As long as you were concentrating on everything going on, where your hands were  and what everyone else was doing you were okay.Once you’ve reached this stage getting to the last stage becomes much easier and just entails practice, practice, practice!
  4. Unconsciously Competent
    This is the stage we should all strive for.  This is when we just perform a task without really consciously thinking about.Have you ever driven home from work and thought when you got home, wow I don’t remember really driving home.That’s because you are unconsciously competent with that task.This is where we all want to be in our business.  We want to be able to prospect, present, close without even thinking about it.

So I hope now you can see the importance of the Learning Stages and how making a conscious effort at moving up the ladder to reducing your frustrations in your business.

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