4 Key Parts To Effective Online Video MarketingWhen it comes to Online Video Marketing there are 4 key parts that every marketer needs to know.

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4 Key Parts To Effective Online Video Marketing

1.     Introduction

This is the first thing you need to do.

Give a short but informative introduction to who you are so your viewers feel more like they know you.

I always do something like this.  Hi, this is Ron Deering coming to you from my home office in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.”

This is short and sweet but lets them know who I am where I am and what part of the world I’m from.

2.     Ask a question or state your topic

After the introduction, the first thing you should do is either ask them a question or state the topic you are going to talk about in this short video.

After I introduce myself I may say something like Have you ever wondered how to get more leads online.  Well, stay tuned I will be sharing that secret when we get back.

This will peak their interest and keep them hanging on to see exactly what the secret or answer is.

It’s always good to let your viewers know exactly what they are in for.

3.     Answer the question or discuss the topic

The third part is pretty self-explanatory.

You either answer the question or have a short discussion of the topic you told them you would.

Remember to do just that and don’t get sidetracked on some other subject or topic.

4.    CTA

Last but certainly not least is the Call To Action.

This is probably the most important thing and the thing that is most forgotten.

I mean why do online video marketing if you don’t have a CTA where you can collect the viewers information.

This is one of those Duh’s.

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VIDEO: 4 Key Parts To Effective Online Video Marketing

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