4 Basic Parts of Video Content

4 Basic Parts of Video Content

In this day and age of marketing understanding how to do video marketing and what video content to put in your videos is crucial.

So let’s answer the question what are the 4 Basic Parts of Video Content.

I will tell you that I’m getting this great information from the master of video marketing and blogging Ray Higdon.

I’m just getting started with my online video career for marketing so I want to share one of the things that I learned from Ray’s Video Mastery course.

He devoted one whole chapter on “What To Say” so I think it’s worth sharing that information with you today.

Here are the 4 Parts of Online Video Content

1.     Introduction of Yourself

This seems simple enough, letting your audience know who you are and where they can find you.

Example:  “Hey, there, this is Ron Deering from rondeering.com.”

Simple enough but you would be surprised, how many videos I’ve watched over the years wondering who the speaker was and either never finding out or not finding out till the end of the video.

Simple but a must and that’s all there is to the first part.

2.    Ask a Question

So once you have told them who you are the next part is to present a question that you know everyone is dying to know the answer to.

Example: “Hey, there, this is Ron Deering from rondeering.com.  Are you someone that you know you should be doing video marketing, but you’re just a little bit scared?”

That’s all there is to it.  By asking an intriguing question, you have immediately pulled your audience into your conversation.

3.    Answer The Question

Again like part 1 this seems pretty self-evident.  You’ve asked the question in part two and now it’s time to answer the question and give the meat of your video.

I certainly recommend keeping your videos to around 3 minutes.  You are going to find that people’s attention span is not very long.

4.    Call To Action

Last, but certainly not least is your call to action.  This is where you get to tell your audience what they need to do to move to the next level.

Example: “If your someone who is struggling with where to get new leads then it’s time for you to get my 30 Sources of Leads Audio for absolutely FREE.”

So those are the 4 basic parts for your video content marketing.

I would recommend using a reputable host for your content.  There are plenty video content providers out there.  I personally like Wistia for my video hosting

Here’s a great article  on the Top Secrets for Effective SEO Video Marketing that I would also recommend.

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