4 Parts To Every Good Sales MessageIf you are doing internet marketing then knowing what a Good Sales Message is comprised of will make the difference between sales and being broke.

When it comes to putting together a great sales message these four parts are essential.

Understand we are talking about a Sales Message, not a Sales Letter.

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4 Parts To Every Good Sales Message

So, let’s get into these four sections.

I would caution you not to complicate these steps.

1.    Who

This step is pretty self-explanatory and pretty simple.

Let you potential customers know who you are.

It’s that simple.  Introduce yourself.

As simple as this sounds you would be amazed at how many people just don’t do this step.

Example: “Hi my name is Ron Deering.”

2.   What

This step again is pretty simple.

You need to tell you customer what it is that you are offering and how it help you.

How this product, training, book, etc. changed things for you.

Example: The DotComSecrets book is going to take you step by step on how to market online.  When I started putting Russell’s training into practice, everything changed.”

3.   Why

This step is where you tell them Why they should take advantage of your offer today.

Explain to them how your product, training, book, etc., is going to answer and help them with their challenges.

Example: “The information in his book will take you from dabbling at online marketing to becoming an expert and making a profit.”

4.   How

Again, this is a very simple step.

You tell your prospect how they can get your offer.

It’s as simple as that.

Example: “Click the button below, fill in the information so we can send you [your offer].”

4 Parts To Every Good Sales Message – Summary

In conclusion, the difference between and average or ineffective and great are these four simple tips.

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