Marketing Tips: 4 Rules for Personal Branding

Marketing Tips - 3 Rules for Personal BrandingPersonal branding is all about identifying and articulating what makes you unique, knowledgeable, and valuable in the eyes of your target audience.

With your personal branding you are building credibility and instilling an authoritative element to your name, face and image.

Here’s a great article on personal branding that’s worth the read.

The first thing you need to do is identify your unique strengths and gifts.  All of us have those things that we are just better at than other things that we try to do.

Additionally your personal branding should demonstrate the following:

  • WHO Are You?
  • WHAT do you stand for?
  • WHO do you Serve?
  • HOW will you Serve Them?

You need to establish the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your brand.

In your life as a Network Marketer or Home Business owner you are going to go through a lot of changes.  You may even change companies, teams or business.

The only constant there is, is YOU!  So if you don’t take the time learn some branding strategies.

I didn’t come up with this but I do want to pass it on.

Here Are The 4 Rules of Personal Branding

1.     Clarity 

You need to be very clear who you are and who you are not.  There can be NO ambiguity in where you stand and what you are all about.

People need to know that they are taking advice and learning from the person they chose.  That means they have a perception of who you are and they resonant with that.

If you are unclear no one will know who you are and what you stand for and therefore no resonance!

No matter what your specialty is, it needs to be very clear to your audience how your gifts and training will benefit them.

2.     Consistency

You need to consistent in your message.  You need to have a consistent message and you need to be consistently adding

MLM Success Tip: Consistency

value with that message.

People need to know that you are someone that will be there once they start following your advice and training.

They also need to know that you will consistent in your message and not jumping all over the place, but more of that in rule 4.

3.     Constancy

This is like consistency but more on the lines of just being there over time.  Your followers need to know that they can come back to you and you will still be there giving out value.

There are so many “here today, gone tomorrow” experts out there on the internet. Unfortunately, a large percentage of your target audience will be very skeptical of almost anyone who is passing themselves off as an “expert”.

You will need to prove your skeptics wrong by showing them that you’re actually here for the long haul and you’re not just a “one hit wonder”.

4.     Congruent

My Mentor and Friend Ray Higdon talks constantly about being Congruent on your blog and with your branding.

You can’t be talking about helping Networkers one day and talking about how to plant a home garden on the next.

You need to be congruent with who you are, who you are trying to reach, and what your strengths and gifts are.

If you have another area that you feel passionate about then you might consider starting another blog for that, but remember we are trying to accomplish personal branding so you need to tread lightly.

I hope these personal branding tips have help you in your journey to be known and add value to your target audience.  Remember wherever you go there YOU are, so make it the best YOU!

Some people have called these Four Branding Strategies the four “C’s” for a good reason.  I hope this makes them easy to remember.

I would love to hear your comments on your personal branding and how that has changed how you do business.

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