5 Blog Post Types – These Are Just a Few.

5 Types of blog post

5 Types of blog post

I was going over some of my old notes today and came across these notes on 5 different types of Blog Post by Ray Higdon.  I thought I would share these especially for those of you who are wondering what type of blog post should I really be posting.

When I first started out writing post I was pretty clueless.  I was really floundering trying to figure out, not only what to write but exactly what type of blog post to concentrate on, so I hope this will help you out on your blog post journey.

5 Blog Post Types

  1. Personal Product Testimonial
    1. Facts Tell Stories Sell – Writing a blog post that highlights personal product testimonies is so very powerful.  People want to hear about what works and what doesn’t.  They will resonate with you and those you have give testimonies.
  2. Third Party or a Big Gun Testimonial
    1. Shows other people are having success – Find someone that’s well known or a heavy hitter and use their testimony to do a blog post on.
  3. The Us vs. Them Review Post
    1. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge your competition – What he means here is to do a blog post on the competition and point out the good and the bad for their company and yours.  Competition is a good thing as long as it is handle and dealt with up front.
  4. From Then to Now Post
    1. Your chance to share your story – People love to hear before and after stories.  Success blog posts are ones that grab at the hearts of every underdog and allows them to realize that if you made so can they.
  5. Rockstar Tips for Your Audience
    1. 5 Features and Benefits of your business and product line.
    2. Identify what niche market you are in. – This is a must.  If you don’t identify your niche market you will be all over the place.

I believe that these blog post types are designed for those who are really putting their company in the limelight.  These types will help you become the expert in your company and your products.

Ray Higdon’s blog post are designed to help the community and niche he is targeting.  He will tell you that you should pick a niche and then become the expert in that niche.

I hope these few blog post ideas will help you out the next time you sit down to write a new and fascinating blog post.  Please share this and comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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