5 Key Areas of Home Business Pain PointsOnce you understand that our business is a business of Leadership, providing Value and helping people solve their business pain points.

You can’t solve their pain points if you are not aware of what they even are.

Understanding their pain points will help you build your business with the right foundation.

You are going to be surprised how many of these five business pain points you have in your life.

5 Areas of Home Business Pain Points

So, let’s get into these five areas.

1.    They hate harassing their family

Most of us have had this pain, and you will find that most people you talk to have this pain.

We hate begging and harassing our family with our new business or opportunity.

2.     Hate rejection

Who doesn’t hate rejection, right?

We all hate rejection and for some, it will knock them out of their business.

This pain point probably the most painful of the five pain points.

3.     Don’t know how to generate any leads

This point relates to pain area one directly.

If you don’t have a way to generate leads then once you run out of your warm market your are DONE!

Big pain point here and frustration that needs to be addressed!

4.     They don’t know how to close and upsell the leads they do have

So once they do learn how to generate leads now, their pain is not knowing how to close or upsell their leads.

You start generating leads on a daily basis, now what?

This pain becomes a big frustration to the home business owner.

5.     Don’t know how to get any team duplication

Last but certainly not least is the lack of knowledge on how to get Team Duplication.

They begin building a team, but they aren’t getting any team duplication.

Now they feel like they are the only one having success and the only one doing all of the work.

5 Key Areas of Home Business Pain Points

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