5 Keys To Simple SEO For Your Blog PostsIf you are wondering about some Simple SEO techniques would help to Rank your Blog Posts better then today you will learn five great keys to SEO.

One of the best SEO gurus’s I know is Rob Fore and his course SEO Madman is nothing short of phenomenal.

What I will share with you today has helped me move from page fifty to the first two pages of Google Search Engine.

I will tell you that you can get into depth with SEO, but that is not what I’m going to share with you today.

5 Keys To Simple SEO For Your Blog Posts

Here are the five keys to better SEO on your Blog Posts.

1.   Header Tags

Header tags are the H1, H2, … Tags for formatting headlines in WordPress.

I typically use one or two of these in each of my posts.

You want to use an H2 as a minimum with your keyword of focus.

I will break things up with an H2 towards the beginning of the post and then an H3 further down in the post.

2.    Keyword Styling

Keyword styling is just applying the bold, italics, and underline attributes to your keyword in a few places in your post.

You never want to overdo this because that will end up getting you a poor ranking.

3.    Alt Tags on Images

Putting Alt Tags in your images is one that most people overlook.

I always put my post title which should have your keyword in it within the alt tag of my main photo.

4.    300 or More Words

Having 300 words or more in your post is very important.

The more words you have the better.  These days I’m being told that having a 1,000 words is even better.

Just remember to have at least 300 words as a minimum.

5.    Keyword Density between 1% and 2%

Keyword density is another area that most bloggers mess up.

They will try and stuff their posts with the keyword as many times as they can.

This will definitely hurt in when it comes to SEO.

You want to keep you keyword density to between 1% and 3% at the very most.

I love the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress because it tracks all of that for me so I don’t get to stupid using my keyword.

5 Keys To Simple SEO For Your Blog Posts

I hope this small bit of information will help you get further along in your blogging journey.

I highly recommend the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO to help you in this area.

Yoast SEO is what all of the top bloggers use.

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