5 Network Marketing Tips for Team Building

5 Network Marketing Tips for Team Building

I read an article the other day on Network Marketing Tips for Team Building and thought I would share with you my Top 5 Tips from that article.

I wanted to thank Ray Higdon for the original article and all his training.

1. Recruit Commitment: You should never make the assumption that everyone you bring on to your team is going to have the commitment and desire to build it big.  Some people get involved with a home business just to add a few hundred dollars to their monthly budget.  Others love your product and just want to be a customer.  You need to find out what each teammate wants from the business and then love on them and help them with their goals.

2. Excel In Recognition: People love recognition.  Some people will do anything for recognition even over the money that comes with it.  For me being up on the stage was something that just got my excitement level on fire. I tell my wife it’s not an ego thing but she doesn’t believe me.  Napoleon said “I have made the most wonderful discovery, I have discovered men will risk their lives, even die, for ribbons and men will also die to avoid having their ribbons taken away.”    How about the Network Marketing tips from an old short guy.  Be sure that you are always recognizing your team no matter how small it may seem.  It may be that one person that will turn into your super star because you recognized him for the small accomplishments he or she made.Team Building

3. Inspire instead of Motivate: I have been guilty of this one myself.  When I first got started in Network Marketing I was always looking for ways to motivate my team.  This never worked for my team building.  What I needed to do, I found out much later, was to Inspire my team with my personal actions.  You’ve heard the cliche’  “People don’t do what you say, they do what you do.”  You want to motivate your team – INSPIRE them with your ACTIONS!

4. Train Leaders in your Team: This is probably the most important of all the Network Marketing. The last thing you want to be is the “Shell Answer Man”, if you know what I mean.  This was something that I have struggled with forever.  It is just in my nature to learn all I can.  What I found was that my team began to expect me to have all the answers and I was spending all my time doing ALL the training.  What I really needed to do was to teach my team how to find the answers and to become teachers themselves.  You will NEVER have that stay at the beach business if you are the only one that can train and answer questions.  That’s what the company support is for.  Train your new teammates early and often on how to be independent.

5. Invest in your education: One of the things that my late Father always taught us kids was, if you stop learning not much sense being around anymore.  Up until he passed away he was learning everything he could… that was at 93.  The more we learning about team building, network marketing, mindset, and more the more we can pass on to our team and the Network Marketing Profession.

Network Marketing tips on Team BuildingThe goal is to create a community that supports, encourages, and promotes growth.  The more self sufficient and independent your team is the more it will grow.  It all starts with you creating and Team Building before you have a team.

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I would love to hear your thoughts and any other Network Marketing Tips on Team Building you might have.  You have great ideas on How to Succeed in Network Marketing that you may not even realize.

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