5 Essential Parts To A Perfect Webinar SystemHow would you like to know the essential parts to the Perfect Webinar System and be able to put your business on auto-pilot making money daily?

The secret to making Webinars work for you is turning them into the perfect system.

Understanding these five parts is essential to creating that perfect system.

I learned this system from Amy Porterfield who is wildly successful doing webinars and used to work with Tony Robbins.

5 Essential Parts To A Perfect Webinar System

I love how she has broken these down into parts for the system.

So, without further ado here are the five parts.

1.   The Planning Part

The planning part is where it all begins.

She talks about three slide types that need to be in your presentation.

1.   Sweeten The Experience Slide – This slide is designed to keep them til the end, sweeten the deal.
2.   Your “A-Ha” Story Slides – More about them than you and why you do what you do.
3.   What You Get Slides – Wow your audience with what they are going to get. What they get and What they will create.

Her recommendation for a 60-Minute webinar is around 80 slides.

I love her concept of less is more when it comes to how much you put on each slide.

2.   The PRE-Webinar Part

The pre-webinar part is where you start the promotion of your webinar.

Whether you are using free marketing or PPC, it’s important that you focus on the Title of the webinar.

She puts a lot of copy in her Facebook ads that describe the webinar in detail!

3.   The Live-Webinar Part

Her Montra: “No matter if they buy or not, they walk away today feeling inspired, excited and driven to take action.”

The live webinar is where you fine-tune your webinar before you go to the Auto-Webinar phase.

At the end of the webinar you want people saying, “If this is FREE, I can’t imagine what the paid stuff looks like.”

You want your students to feel just like that.

Make sure you add in some engagement slides to give you the pause to allow engagement with your audience.

4.   The Post-Webinar Part

The post-webinar phase is where you continue to market through your email sequence.

The first email you send out should be your webinar replay email with the word “replay” in the subject line and time sensitive.

Your second email is called the get real email.  Your purpose is to tell a story that your audience can identify with.

The third email is a detailed recap of what is in your product.  It can be a long email, but that’s fine because those that want your product will read it all.

Finally, the countdown email.

The countdown email is all about urgency and scarcity before the cart closes.

5.   The Auto-Webinar Part

The Auto-Webinar phase is what she calls the Holy Grail of the system.

One difference I noticed right away is her registration page.

Because she has put all of the details in the Facebook ad she keeps her registration page to the bare minimum.



She also always gives them the option to register for the next day with multiple times within that day.

Also, she makes sure the times are in the user’s own time zone.

5 Essential Parts To A Perfect Webinar System – Summary

In conclusion, I believe that using these 5 parts to create your webinar system will create great success.

If you want more training from Amy you can find that here.

Having a successful Webinar System will separate you from the others struggling online to make a living.

Webinars are by far one of the best, if not the best way to grow your business online.

So, I would love to know how you are doing with Webinars or where you are at.  Please share that with us in the comments below.

It’s the beginning of 2017, and you have the chance to TRANSFORM your business starting TODAY!

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