5 Places You Should Be Telling Your Story

5 Places You Should Be Telling Your Story

Telling your story is one of the best ways you can build relationships and Social Media is one of the best places to do that.

If you understand the power of Social Media and the reach it has then you would see it’s a no brainer.

The first thing you need to do is learn how and why telling your personal story is so important.

There are many different settings to do this like telling your story in an interview or telling a shorter version in your elevator speech.

Today we are going to talk about 5 places to tell your story in the social media world.

Here’s the book I highly recommend you read for the rest of the story, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

A great marketing story is one that sells stuff. It creates an emotion that makes consumers want to do what you ask them to do.

A great advertising impresario once offered that marketing content needs to be these 5 things.

1.   Make It Simple
2.   Make It Memorable
3.   Make It Inviting To Look At
4.   Make It Fun To Read
5.   Make It For Your Audience, not yourself

Telling Your Story On Social Media

1.     Storytell on Facebook

Here are some facts about Facebook that you might find interesting:

•   Founded: February 2004
•   The platform was called Thefacebook.com until August 2005.
•   In a 2006 survey of the top five “in” things on college campuses, Facebook tied with beer but scored lower than iPods.
•   The “Like” button was originally supposed to be called the “Awesome” button.
•   Mark Zuckerberg initially rejected photo sharing; he had to be persuaded that it was a good idea by then-president Sean Parker.
•   There were more than a billion monthly active users as of December 2012.
•   There were 680 million monthly active users of Facebook mobile products as of December 2012.
•   One out of every five page views in the United States is on Facebook.

So does it make sense that if you are going to tell your story that Facebook should be one of the places you do that?

Facebook is all about building relationships NOT selling.  It’s being Social.  In Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, he explains there need to be a number of jab’s before you strike with that famous Right Hook!

So the key is to tell your story in phases and tell the whole story not just your product or opportunity.  Click To Tweet

2.     Listen Well on Twitter

Here are some facts on Twitter:

•   Launched: March 2006
•   As of December 2012, there were more than 100 million users in the United States, 500 million worldwide.
•   The Twitter concept evolved out of a brainstorming session that took place at the top of a slide on a San Francisco playground.
•   The company’s logo, a little bluebird, is officially named Larry, after Larry Bird, the former player for the Boston Celtics.
•   JetBlue was one of the first companies to start using Twitter for marketing research and customer service.
•   Users post 750 tweets per second.

Success on Twitter is rarely predicated on the actual content it produces. Rather, it correlates with how much valuable context you add to the content— your own, and that produced by others.

Twitter’s main currency is news and information.  You can go on twitter at any time and find out the news about anything you can imagine, from who’s pregnant now to what big storm just hit.

So now the key to your storytelling is to put small snippets of information out there to grab people’s attention.

Jab with catchy tweets and then when you get to the right hook people are already hanging on the edge of their seats. Click To Tweet

3.     Glamourize It Up on Pinterest

Here are some facts about Pinterest:

•   Launched: March 2010
•   48.7 million users
•   Grew 379,599% in 2012
•   From 2011 to 2012, Pinterest mobile app usage rose 1,698%, and users accessed the site via their mobile devices an incredible 4,225% more.
•   68% of Pinterest users are women, and half of them are mothers.
•   The most repinned pin is a recipe for garlic cheese bread.

Pinterest was invented to help people create online collections of things that they love and that inspire them.

With Pinterest, we are telling our story through images and pictures.  The numbers prove that the platform called Pinterest has become where people go to fulfill their material and emotional wish lists.

Here are some stats you might find interesting.

A survey by Steelhouse shows that Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to purchase something they spot on Pinterest than on Facebook.

Pinterest produces four times the revenue-per-click of Twitter. Some small businesses that experimented early on with Pinterest saw as much as a 60 percent increase in revenue.

Between 2011 and 2012, Pinterest’s share of social-media-driven revenue for e-retailers soared from 1 percent to 17 percent.

This should prove that Pinterest is in the running and everyone who wants to market online should be on this platform! Click To Tweet

4.     Create Art on Instagram

Here are some facts about Instagram:

•   Founded: October 2010
•   As of December 2012, Instagram boasted 130 million monthly active users.
•   40 million photos are uploaded per day.
•   It took Flickr two years to reach the milestone of 100 million uploaded pictures; it took Instagram eight months.
•   Instagram photos generate 1,000 comments per second.
•   In June, 2013, Instagram launched video sharing.
•   Instagram started out as a geolocation app called Burbn. When co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger decided to revamp the app, they stripped everything out except the photo, comment, and like functions.

Instagram is another visual center platform like Pinterest.  Instagram is much more limited than Pinterest, but that doesn’t make it something to shy away from.

The key to Instagram is to make it Instagram.  Make if all about your story and who you are.

Go crazy with hashtags.  Hashtags really do matter on Instagram, even more than on Twitter.

Become Explore Worthy…. get your content streamed into the Explore page because of what you post. Click To Tweet

5.     Get Animated on Tumblr

Here are some facts about Tumblr:

•   Launched: February 2007
•   As of June 2013, 132 million monthly unique users
•   60 million new posts every day
•   The Tumblr blog was originally on WordPress; it didn’t move to Tumblr until May 2008.
•   For every new feature Tumblr introduces, an old one is removed.
•   Ranks number one in average number of minutes per visit (Facebook ranks third)
•   Bought for $ 1.1 billion by Yahoo on May 19, 2013

Tumblr is not for everyone.  It’s mainly for the young, women, and the artsy type professions.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which guide social connections through who you know the social graph-Tumblr was the original interest graph platform, meaning connections are made based on what people are interested in.

Another unique feature of Tumblr is the ability to post animated GIF’s on the site.

Now you not only have images, pictures, and text, but the ability to add animation to your story.  Click To Tweet

So there, you have it.  A quick synopsis on the 5 areas you should be telling your story.

Here’s a great article on Why You Must Become an Expert at Telling Your Story that’s worth the read.

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