5 Simple Secrets To Creating Great HeadlinesOne thing blog articles, Facebook ads, Landing pages and emails all have in common is they rely on Great Headlines.  Having a compelling headline can make all the difference.

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5 Simple Secrets To Creating Great Headlines

A good headline means a better conversion.

One common concern among funnel builders is that their headlines sound well, like a product pitch.

In some cases, they can even sound downright sleazy and salesy.

You don’t want your headlines to fall in either of those categories.

1.    Stay Relevant and On-Point

In many cases, you have seconds to impress your leads and keep them looking.

With that in mind, you need headlines that are relevant and get to the point.

Getting away from the message or including irrelevant information is a surefire way to push them away.

Example: From Apple


Protip: Consider what type of information your audience is looking for and expects when crafting your headline for the most relevance for them.

2.   Master the Art of Urgency

If you haven’t  guessed by now, having urgency is a pillar of marketing and sales.

When we bring Urgency into our headlines, it increases the chances that your audience will be pushed through the next steps in our funnel.

But to avoid sounding sleazy, don’t overdo urgency in your headlines.

Example: Dropbox’s headline works because it references specific needs and desires of its audience.


Protip: Really, the urgency is about pointing out a problem your lead has and offering a solution all at the same time. To best accomplish this goal with your headlines, create a checklist of issues your audience has that your brand is uniquely able to solve for them.

3.   Make it About Action

Another key way to avoid sleazy headlines is to give off a general feeling of action.

The benefit is that they don’t just want to buy another item or service.

Throughout its long history, this brand has been a real force in the marketing world, and our headline example is no different.

By inviting people to come on a journey, the brand asks them to feel like they’re taking action.

They also get a real experience that they’re sure to enjoy.

This is the right way to create an authentic sounding headline.

Example:  Coca-Cola.


Protip: For a bonus strategy, you’ll notice that our Coca-Cola example also uses a prevalent tactic called alliteration. By starting each word with a “J,” the headline is easier to remember and has a nice ring to it.

4. Keep it Simple, Simple, and Simple

Although there’s nothing wrong with marketers getting clever, too often, it can also hurt their conversion rates.

And it’s not hard to understand why… many times what might impress a marketing team won’t necessarily translate to their audience.

For example, if we were marketing toys to 3rd graders, a witty turn of phrase might be lost on them.

Instead, keeping it simple almost always makes sense.

In our example McDonald’s wants the message to hit as much of their potential social media audience as possible.

That means appealing to young and old alike. Keeping it basic also has the benefit of not sounding gimmicky or try-hard the way salesy headlines often sound.

Example:  MacDonald’s


Protip: Our McDonald’s headline is very stripped down, and this level of minimalism might not always work for your headline. But it features just how simple you can make a headline and still get results.

5.   Avoid Gimmicks and Focus on Value

After all the hard work you’ve put into your brand, you want your market to experience how your brand is a true industry leader.

In the example from McDonald’s below, you can see where they have a stripped down message.

The message here is that more choices, for their market, equals more value.

Instead of worrying about creating a headline that tries to find some angle or gimmick over their readers, the brand opts for an already existing strength.

Headlining those strengths is an excellent way to write converting headlines.

Example:  MacDonald’s


Protip: For some extra tips on branding strengthen, give our article on secret client jobs a read for more.

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