5 Tips on Conducting MLM Home MeetingsEvery Friday Ray Higdon does “Free Coaching Friday” on Periscope.  This past Friday he hit on 5 tips for conducting an MLM Home Party.

First I want to tell you that if you are not following Ray on his periscope training then you are missing out. All you have to is a search for @RayHigdon and then click on follow.

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He has recently started Free Coaching Friday and he goes through and answer people’s questions on the fly and it’s nothing short of incredible.

Well, enough of my soapbox for Ray, but he is one of the best if not the best trainers for Network Marketers I know.  He is certainly right up there with Eric Worre at that level.


5 Tips For Conducting an MLM Home Meeting

1.    Train Your Team

Train your team to show up even if they don’t have a prospect.

Train them to have the right culture.  Act excited and be ENGAGED with the speaker.

Train them to never ever, ever, ever, talk about being disappointed!

Train them to always edify the speaker no matter what they may think about him or her.

2.    Invite More Than You Want

This is something that you just have to do.  If you want 2 or 3 then you better invite 10 or 15.

It’s just the nature of the beast people just don’t do what they say they are going to do.

3.    Embrace Long Term

Understand that you are going to have meetings where no one shows up.  If you are the person that will quit because of that then you probably shouldn’t be in this profession.

You need to embrace the long term and what you are getting every time you invite and go through this process.

Every Home Meeting you do is training for you and your team whether anyone shows up or not!

4.    BAMFAM

Book A Meeting From A Meeting!  Nothing worse than finishing a meeting and have no meeting to send them to.

You Have To Do This!!!!  You need to book another MLM Home Party!

Get excited about the next meeting and getting everyone there!

5.     Help Them With Your Vision

Vision is so important.  Help them paint a vision to make them better.  Help them see why they should be around the camp fire and your community.

VIDEO: 5 Tips for Conducting A Home Meeting

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