5 Easy Tips To Get More Live Video EngagementAre you struggling with getting more Live Video Engagement on your Live Streaming Events?  Then this is exactly the post you need!

Just the other day I was on a Live Stream training from the Live Streaming Pros (Luria Petrucci) and she laid out these 5 amazing tips.

If you haven’t seen their shows and you are doing live streaming you are missing out.

They are amazing and filled with tons of valuable information and tips!

So, if you are ready to kick your live streaming up a notch you are in the right place.

5 Easy Tips To Get More Live Video Engagement

Obviously, getting more engagement on our live videos is very important.

Understanding what and how you can do that is equally important.

So, let’s get started!

1.   Easy Wins

What do we mean by “Easy Wins?”

Give them simple short yes or no questions.

Most people are watching you on their phones and trying to make them write out a sentence for an answer just won’t work.

Yes or no answer or have them answer with a number.

Things like if you are excited about being here drop a 1 in the comments.

Make sense?

2.   Ask Often

You need to find ways during your live stream to ask questions often.

Remember to keep them short answer questions, but do ask often.

You want to know that people are still there and this will keep them engaged.

It will also help your audience get the most out of your training.

Even your replay viewers need those questions to get them engaged

3.  Give Them Incentive

What this means it to call them out.

Give them the incentive to continue to watch and engage with identifying them by name and addressing their comments.

Make sure that you give them the right incentive to continue.

Maybe offer some contest for those that comment.

Recognize those who share your live stream and more.

There are a lot of different ways to give the incentives to comment and stay engaged.

4.   Live Video Bots

These have some amazing results in your live videos

There are programs like manychat that allow you to set up keywords that trigger a messenger response to that person using that keyword.

During the LiveStreamingPros live stream, I tested this by typing in “Show” and it was amazing what happened.

It has been proven that these will increase your comments and engagement significantly.

Using these Facebook messenger bots will increase your engagement and Facebook loves this.

5.   Break It Up

The worse thing you can do in the live video is to get distracted.

So, if you don’t deliver on your promise you will lose a lot of your audience.

Using points with audience interaction in between your points is a great way to break it up.

This way you can keep on topic and interact with your audience with have the squirrel syndrome.

5 Easy Tips To Get More Live Video Engagement – Video

5 Easy Tips To Get More Live Video Engagement – Summary

Again I want to thank Luria Petrucci and everyone at LiveStreamingPros.com for the amazing training they continually give to the community!

You all rock!

I know in this post I talked mostly about Live Streaming on Facebook but these tips will webinars, summits and more.

The key here is for you to pick one or more of these tips and implement them today.

I would love to know which one(s) you have started using and your results.

Please leave me a comment below and let us know.

Bonus: Here’s a webinar that goes over all the best practices for doing live video.

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