5 Top Earner Secret Blog Monetization StrategiesHow would your life and business change if you knew how a Big Dog shared their Blog Monetization Strategies with you?  Would that be valuable?

If you are interested in learning everything you need to know to become a top earning blogger then you need Ray Higdon’s Course 3 Minute Expert.

In today’s post, I want to share with you the 5 blog monetization strategies Ray teaches in this course.

5 Top Earner Secret Blog Monetization Strategies

1.    Use a Graphic That Opens A New Page

What he means here is to just have a graphic on your sidebar that when clicked on takes them to another page where you would collect their information.

If you look at the graphics on the sidebar for my blog each one takes you to a new capture page that explains more and gathers your information.

Ray revealed that he had a much higher optin rate by doing this thereby gathering more leads and making more money on his blog.  Sounds like a great reason to change things up!

2.     Use An Evergreen Webinar

Now this one is not going to be for everyone in the beginning.  If you have had a great successful webinar then why not repurpose it and promote it through your blog.

Evergreen webinars are becoming a very popular option for people to reach the most amount of people using the least amount of your time.

The program that I use is called Everwebinar and WebinarJam.

Here’s an example of a great Everwebinar.

Again this may not be for you right now but this is something you should be looking to in the future.

3.     Make Sure To Have Links to any Books You Mention In a Post

This one is kinda a no-brainer.  If you are recommending a book that you have read and received value from then you should be making

Every time I post about book or product in my blog if it’s on amazon then I use my affiliate link to send them to.

You might as well make a few pennies where ever you can throughout your blog, right.

4.     Have a PS with a link at the end of your post

This is probably the easiest and most beneficial tip Ray gave.  I’m on blogs every day throughout the day and you would be surprised how many blog posts don’t have a PS line at the end of their posts.

I can’t imagine not having one now and I’m getting leads from them every day like clockwork and leads become sales which are called monetization.

You can see an example of my PS at the end of this post.

5.     Link To Relevant Products Whether Yours Or Affiliate Program

This is where you want to make sure you are linking to relevant products, programs, and giveaways within your post.

If you are talking about YouTube marketing then link to a YouTube product that is relevant to your post.

Just makes sense doesn’t it!

These are just 5 of the Blog Monetization Strategies that Ray went through in his training.  He actually gave out a lot more as he always does.

His course is so worth every penny that I can’t stress enough if you are looking to become an expert and start making some serious money with your blog you need this course!

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