6 Essential Keys to Being ConsistentAre you having a challenge with being consistent in your Network Marketing Business?  These 6 keys will change all of that.

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One of the bonus modules and there are a bunch, is all about being consistent in your business.

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6 Essential Keys to Being Consistent

So here is a summary of the 6 keys from the Being Consistent module.

1.     Vision

This has become my number one reason that keeps me consistent.

This is the vision of who I want to become.  This is very different than your why.

I love the quote from Michael Beckwith – “Pain pushes you until your Vision Pulls You.”

Understanding who you want to become and what that is going to take will pull you into consistency in your business.

Your Why is typically external to you where as your Vision is internal to you and who you want to become.

You need to figure out what your Vision is and then develop that and allow it to pull you to consistency!

2.     Routine

Having a Daily Routine is another must.  Setting down exactly what you are going to do on a daily basis.

In the video, I give you an example of what my DMO is and how having one now has changed how consistent I have become.

Understanding that you DMO is something that you do until and whether or not!!!

In Ray’s 3 Minute Expert course he goes through his DMO and that will also help you create one that works for you.

3.     Alternative (Fear Based)

This is where you have to come to grips with if I don’t do this and become what my Vision is pulling me to what’s the alternative?

Understand this is a fear-based tactic and won’t work long term but will work in the short term to develop the habits you need to.

Is the alternative that you continue to be broke.

Is the alternative that you never get to take those vacations that you want to give your family.

Is the alternative that you become a workaholic and never have time for your family or anything else in your life.

What is your alternative to success in YOUR life!

Watch the Video Below for the last 3 keys.

VIDEO: 6 Essential Keys to Being Consistent

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