Top Earner bookcover_new (1)I’ve been reading Ray Higdon’s best seller Top Earner Recruiting Secrets this week and I thought I would share 7 of his 16 plus recruiting secrets from the book.

I’ve known Ray and Jessica since 2009 and they are by far one of the top power couples that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my 62 years on this earth.

They have a hearts for their team and everyone that’s trying to better themselves and build a living.

They are both Millionaires in their own rights and excel in recruiting, training and building up others.

Not only do they train on MLM Recruiting, but topics like Mindset, Online Marketing, Blogging and so much more.

Their newest product 3 Minute Expert is probably the best product yet.  Talk about all-inclusive this is it.

If you ever wanted to go from 0 to 60 when it comes to blogging and creating your personal brand then this is the course for you!

So with that build up let’s get into just 7 of the great secrets that Ray shares in his book.

7 Top Earner Recruiting Secrets

1.     The Questions You Ask Yourself

In this chapter talks about 4 questions to ask yourself.
1.   Why are you in this industry?
2.   If you continue your current path will you look back and say you led a life that was fulfilling?
3.   If you continue on your current path, will our life inspire your children?
4.   The number one way to be happy is?

He talks about Self-Fulfillment.  You need to come to the understanding that helping others is what is going to give you that fulfillment.

“I don’t care what happened in your past, or how bad it was. It doesn’t matter. You can create any possibility in network marketing. How many people do you want to help?”

His big point in this section was Don’t Be Selfish.

The second section in this chapter was on Why Leads Alone Won’t Help.  If you really want to help people you have to recruit them.  Having a ton of leads doesn’t do anything for helping people.

“This is why getting more leads doesn’t even matter. You could buy 10,000 leads, but unless you focus on their needs, wants, desires and problems, you’ll continue to struggle.”

2.     Vision Booking

This chapter is exactly what you would think.  Putting together a book of Visions.  Ray talks about how so many of the pictures in his Vision Book he has now actually experienced.

The power that comes from putting the things you want in your life in pictures in a book that you can look at every day is so very powerful.

“When you understand how to create value in the marketplace, money really does come easily. It is possible to have money coming in, all the time, on autopilot, once you understand this principle. Focus on solving the problems of others, and money will flow into you, like a raging river that has broken through a dam.” – Ray Higdon

3.     Daily Routines

I wanted to share this one because Ray has such a great Daily Routine.  Let me just list what he does for his routine.

1.   Create One Piece of Content
2.   Study at least 30 minutes a day on your marketing
3.   Study at least 15-30 minutes a day on your mindset
4.   Do your affirmations
5.   Meditate
6.   Make connections with 20 people a day
7.   Devotions (this one is mine)

So that’s Ray’s daily routine now you need to come up with one of your own and then make it DAILY!

4.     Objection Handling

This section is really all about not losing your power.  There will be people that will try and take your power away with their objections, don’t let them.

He goes through a couple of objections, but the key is to understand where they are trying to take you and just don’t let them.

If wrote a post on objections that might be helpful.

5.     Mirroring and Matching

This section is all about responding to the prospect.  What this means is learning to understand their tones and body language and then matching that with yours.

For example is someone is frustrated with a situation you be frustrated and match their feelings and how they are responding.

It’s all about paying attention to communication.  This takes practice and learning more and more about people and yourself.

6.     Attraction Marketing

He opens this chapter with this statement, “If you want to sponsor more people, get them to come to you.”

He talks about bringing value to the community and your profession.  He gives three examples of how to do that.

1.   Run A Workshop
2.   MasterMind Meetings
3.   Coaching
4.   Blogging  (I added this one because I know this is key to Ray’s success and becoming an expert)

It’s all about being perceived as an authority and expert in your field.  Then people will start coming to you and want to join your team.

7.     Prospecting

This is certainly one of the most important skills in recruiting.  Finding people to talk to.

He talks about two types of marketing Passive and Active.  You can either do one of these or both.

Which ever way you chose it still all comes down to developing relationships with PEOPLE!

Here are one of Ray’s favorite approaches:

“I have to run to an appointment, but I’m just throwing it out there, but would you at all be interested in a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing in Real Estate [or whatever business they’ve told me they are involved in]?”

This chapter was pack full so I’m going to leave the rest for you to read on your own.

Well, this is the 7 chapters that I liked, but don’t misunderstand the whole book is incredible.

If you want to take your recruiting to a whole new level and become a top earner in mlm then get the book and read it again and again.

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