7 Biggest Marketing Challenges In Our ProfessionToday I’m going to share with you the 7 Biggest Marketing Challenges in our profession of Internet Marketers/Network Marketers.

I will share with you what my mentor Darren Little share with me on this webinar on how to get past these challenges.

How many of you have started an online business recently and are wondering how you are going to afford it?

Well after you hear what these seven challenges are you will not feel alone anymore.

7 Biggest Marketing Challenges In Our Profession

Okay here are the Biggest Marketing Challenges most people have in our profession.

1      Not enough START UP CAPITAL

How many of you started your new business and realized that you didn’t have any money for the things you need to market your business.

Most of us have been in this position.

Very shortly after joining we realize that we need money for product, tools, and going to events.

If you are not one of those people that start making money immediately, you find very quickly you are spending much more than you are making.

Other words, your outgo is much more than your income!

2.    NO MARKETING BUDGETS to properly run their business.

I’ve learned from the big dogs, the 7 and 8-figure earners that I need to be doing paid marketing.

The benefit in doing paid marketing is that it is easily scaled to fit your budget.

The Biggest Marketing Challenge, most of us, have is we have NO Budget!

Without the budget to properly market your business I promise it will eventually die on the vine.

3.    Not enough capital to purchase their high ticket products.

Some of you, like me, are in High Ticket Affiliate programs that have pretty steep by-ins.

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to wait until you make enough to purchase enough to make enough to purchase enough?

You get the picture.

Having a specific budget that is set aside exclusively to purchase all of your high ticket products is where you want to be.

7 Biggest Marketing Challenges In Our Profession

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VIDEO: 7 Biggest Marketing Challenges In Our Profession


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