7 Easy Facebook Profile Tweaks To Optimize Your ProfileIn today’s post, I’m going to share with you some Facebook Profile Tweaks that will help increase your Social Media Engagement and Reach.

One of my favorite Social Media Courses is Jessica Higdon’s 10 Social Media Recruiting.

I’m sure you have heard all about the Social Media craze going on.

Everyone and their neighbors are using Social Media to market their businesses online.

Unfortunately, most people are just doing it wrong and have no clue how to make it work.

Facebook Profile Tweaks To Optimize Your Profile

I would say that most of us when we created our Facebook Profiles just threw something up and have never gone back to optimize it.

We figured that the most important thing was to get our products and opportunity out there for the masses to see.

This type of Marketing is what we call spamming. 🙂

Once I realized that people were getting inundated with products and opportunities I knew I had to find a better way.

After going through some incredible training courses, I learned I needed to start at the beginning.

And where was the beginning?

My Facebook Profile!

Facebook Profile Tweaks

Remember, your profile is the first thing people see when the visit you on Facebook.

It shouldn’t turn them off, or they will never see what value you have to offer.

Understand it’s called Social Media not Selling Media!

Here are seven things that you can do right now if you want to use Facebook to build your business.

Profile Tweak #1

Remove any and all references to your company name and logo.

Your company is responsible for your company, not you.

You should be promoting you and your brand.

To be honest, most people don’t care what company you are building.

They care about you and what how you can help them.

So, instead of your company have something that tweaks their interest.

Profile Tweak #2

Make sure your profile picture is YOU!

People want to see you!

If you have pictures of your animals and your kids just make sure you are in them also.

Most people don’t understand why a person that’s building a business has a cat for a profile picture.

So, instead of having our animals or babies promoting our business, you need to have a picture of YOU.

Profile Tweak #3

This is a big Facebook Profile Tweaks, and most people fail on this.

The about me section needs to be something that’s going to catch the visitor’s attention.

Make sure it’s not boring, salesy, or missing.

This is your chance to be a real person, and someone people can identify with.

Here is what I have on mine:

  Entrepreneur?Blogger  Coach,
Technical Trainer, Husband, Father,
GrandFather rondeering.com

Tells a little bit about what I do and who I am.

Profile Tweak #4

This tweak is another critical one. Get rid of all the salesy and spamming posts on your feed.

I’ve been taught the 80/20 rule for posts.

80% of your posts should be value, education, quotes, humor, etc.

20% or less should be about your company or product experience.

You should still never mention the company, instead ask people to reach out to you for that information.

Work on creating curiosity and then using a Call-To-Action to have them reach out.

Remember, people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST.

Profile Tweak #5

Tweak number five is a simple one.

You need to remove and refrain from posting negative posts.

For me, I very rarely post anything on politics or controversial.

I will put Christian post occasionally because that’s my faith and a part of who I am.

Most of my post are about value and fun, interesting human nature things.

The key is to represent yourself as someone you would want to follow.

Profile Tweak #6

Make an interesting cover image at the top of your profile.

Something that reflects your lifestyle and what you have to offer

I have a picture of myself and an Island Resort in the background with text about what I do for my Market.

The purpose is to make it inviting and informative.

Not just a picture of your Cat or Dog.

In fact, I will not accept a friend request from someone who hasn’t even taken the time to put up a cover picture.

Again this shouldn’t be pitching your business or product and should not have a company logo on it.

Profile Tweak #7

Start engaging with your Facebook friends.

Be Social with the people you have connected.

They don’t call it Social Media for no reason.

You will be surprised how much traction and engagement you get if you just start interacting with your new found friends.

Think of Facebook as the Social gathering that you love to attend and mingle around.

Facebook Profile Tweaks – Summary

The key to making your Facebook profile and marketing work is to always remember it’s all about developing relationships.

Nothing more, nothing less!

The more people you connect with and who connect with you the more success you will have.

And, remember NO SPAMMING of links or company names!

Also remember, the best course I can recommend is this one by Jessica Higdon.

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