7 Easy Tweaks That Will Attract More Red Hot Leads

7 Easy Tweaks That Will Attract More Red Hot LeadsHow would you like to have 7 tweaks that will attract more RED HOT Leads on a daily basis? If you would then don’t miss this post!

What’s the real purpose of our blog?  Lead Generation, right.  So anything we can do that will increase that is worth its weight in gold.

I was on a webinar last night and the gentleman speaking had some great tips and tweaks that really will help you get more red hot leads and more quality leads from your blog.

Now, if you aren’t blogging and want to start then here’s the system that I would recommend.

I can tell you from my experience that many times just making some small easy tweaks can make a huge difference in your blog popularity and the daily lead generation.

7 Easy Tweaks That Will Attract More Red Hot Leads

1.   Home Page Opt-In

The first thing you want to have is a home page opt-in.  This is something that is in the visitors face on the home page only.

Home page opt in

I prefer the two-step opt-in that I will show you in the video below.

2.   Sidebar Opt-In

This opt-in is in your sidebar area and is pretty much always visible.  I would suggest having multiple offers here but keep your best converting one at the top of the list.

Sidebar Opt in

3.   P.S. Lines in all your blog posts at the bottom

This one surprised me when it came to changing my lead generation.  I learned about this in Ray Higdon’s “3 Minute Expert” course, along with a number of other great tips.

Just by adding a simple P.S. call to action at the end of all of your posts will increase your leads by a noticeable amount.

PS line in post

4.    Hyperlinking throughout post

This is one that is kind of subtle but very effective.  Having direct and indirect hyperlinks in your post will increase the odds in your lead generation.

Direct Link example: Click Here.

InDirect Link example: How would you like to use a system for generating leads automatically.

The direct link tells you to click here and the indirect link is just part of some text.  The other thing that I would recommend for any of your links is to have them open in a new tab or page.

The reason behind this is that when the visitor is done and closes that tab your main site is still there.

5.    PopUps

This one has long been a debate in the blog marketing world.  I can tell that I personally have seen some good results from using popups on my post.

pop up blog tweak

There are all kinds of plugins for WordPress that you can get.  The one I’m currently using is WordPress popup.  There are many more to choose from.  You should find one that best suits you blog and budget needs.

6.    Page Menus

This where you can use your menu system to send people directly to your capture page.

page menus tweak

I will demonstrate this more in depth in the video below.

7.     Seth Godin Plugin

This is another great plugin for WordPress.  What it does is to give a tailored message at the beginning or ending of your post.

The message can be tailored to a new visitor or a returning visitor.  I prefer to have mine at the top of the post.

seth grodin tweak

This is a great plugin and really easy to setup.


1    Clickable Images

The tip here is whenever you add an image to your post make sure you change the link to point to one of your capture pages.

This is very effective if the image is related to what you are sending them to.

2.   Social Media Shares

You would be amazed how this will help get you out there and bring in leads.  I use a plugin called, “Digg Digg” that works great.

It not only puts a share bar at the bottom of each post but will put a vertical bar on the left side of your posts increasing the chance of someone sharing.

VIDEO: 7 Easy Tweaks That Will Attract More Red Hot Leads

I hope this has been helpful.  Please share and comment below.

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