7 Self Sabotaging Expressions Top Network Marketers Never Use!

7 Self Sabotaging Expressions Successful People Never UseYou may just be one of those people that are self sabotaging yourself every day by using one of all of these expressions throughout your day.

One of the most important things you can learn is how to develop your mindset and start thinking like the millionaires of the world.

These are things we say to ourselves that are responsible for things like self sabotaging relationships, self sabotaging behavior, and self sabotaging thoughts.

Guarding your mindset is crucial if you are going to become the success you really deserve to be!

Here Are The 7 Self Sabotaging Phrases

1.    I Can’t

I-think-I-canSeriously? Since when? When you convince yourself that you can’t do something, you’re usually right. Stop saying this phrase immediately and start saying “I Can”!

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So why not think YOU CAN!

Be like the little Engine that Could!

2.    It’s Their Fault 

It's their faultSays who? It’s not your sponsors fault, your upline or downline’s fault. It’s not your spouses fault or your momma or poppa’s fault.

It’s your fault.

So get over it and stop blaming others. Point the finger to yourself and do something about it.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  People who are always blaming others!

If you are one of these people then it’s time for you to buck up and start taking responsibility for your choices and actions, or lack of actions!

3.    I don’t know how

Of course, you don’t.  None us ever did in the beginning.  That’s where training comes in.

Just because you don’t know how to do something does not mean that you can’t learn.

So, instead of saying ‘I don’t know how’…start saying… How Can I Learn HOW?

4.    It’s too hard

Who ever said that it would be easy building a successful business? It’s not too hard, the problem is that you may not understand what it is that you are trying to do it.

So instead of convincing yourself that something is too hard, start figuring stuff out.

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Have a passion for learning how to do something…even if you may not understand it, work on it and eventually it will become easy like anything else in life.

5.    I can’t afford it

It’s not that you can’t afford something, you just don’t see the value in what you need to afford. You can afford anything you want if you plan for it.

Have you ever seen the homeless

6.    I don’t have time

I Just Don't Have TimeWait….you don’t have time to build your dreams, but you have time to build someone else’s?

If you knew how ridiculous this really sounds you would never tell yourself this again.

Throughout my 60 plus years, I have found that busy people are typically the most successful people.

They understand how to manage their time and get what they want out of life.

Be one of those people that attract busy successful people by being one yourself.

7.    I’m not good enough

Maybe that’s true right now, but you shouldn’t be telling yourself that.

When you start making your personal development a priority some incredible things will happen in your life and your business.

I really never understood the incredible value in Personal Development when I was younger, I just love to learn so I picked up everything and anything that would make me better, mostly the Bible.


So, here’s my challenge to you.  Start TODAY and make a conscious effort to watch your self-talk and start weeding out all of these sabotaging phrases that will only make your life miserable.

There are a lot of reasons for self sabotaging behavior, but when it comes down to it, it just doesn’t matter.  You have to make a choice to change!

Here are some other self sabotaging phrases that you might be guilty of:

  • “I already know that” 
  • “I will get to it someday”
  • “I wish I could do that”

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