7 Words That Will Change Your MLM Career

7 Words That Will Change Your MLM CareerToday I was watching the video replay from Ray and Jessica Higdon’s Top Earner Academy with Lisa Grossmann teaching her 7 words that will change your MLM Career.

Needless to say, it was phenomenal and I wanted to share some of the highlights.  You can see the whole Academy Replay Here!

She talked about so many great things it’s hard to just share a few.  I would encourage you to get the replay, it’s worth every penny and more.

If you have never heard of Lisa Grossmann and are in Network Marketing then you are missing out.  She has a great story that she tells that will inspire and give hope to those who thought you have had a tough life.

Lisa Grossmann and Ray Higdon - TEAL3

Lisa Grossmann and Ray Higdon – TEAL3

Lisa Grossmann has been in her MLM Career for over 30 years and has made millions many times over.  She is someone that when she speaks you just have to listen.

After ending up in a federal prison for a year for a white collar crime, she arose a Phoenix and has built an empire.

She understands what it is to start over and how to build a huge MLM Career.

[VIDEO] 7 Words That Will Change Your MLM Business

Here Are Her 7 Words That will Change Your MLM Career!

She wrote them on the whiteboard exactly as you see them below.




The reason she did that was because she splits it up into three parts.

Part 1 is what you will do “I Will Help.”

Part 2 is “YOU.”

Part 3 is  “Build Your Business.”

She tells the new recruit that she will help YOU Build Your Business.  Not that SHE will build their business.

Horse and JockeyShe used the example of the Jockey and the Horse.  The Horse’s only job is to RUN where the Jockey tells it to.

The Jockey’s job is to direct and guide the Horse not do the run for the Horse.

It should be the same way in your Network Marketing Business.  You direct and guide your leaders not build their business for them.

Here Is Some Great Quotes From Lisa for Your MLM Career

Make yourself so good you don’t exist.

Work your way to Irrelevancy

Work with a small team of leaders.

Work with those who Deserve it, not those who Need it.

Everybody’s business is their business, remember that.

The most important thing you need to do when you bring someone is to define your relationship.

Don’t stop recruiting until other people are keeping you so busy doing the right things.

Duplication is finding people who will do what you do and creating an environment that will allow everyone else who isn’t doing what you do prosper and advance at their own pace in a way that they won’t want to quit and stop buying your product.

Prospect everyone but be selective on who you recruit!

This is just a small take away from that session.  The Top Earner Academy was life changing and again if you haven’t got the replay YOU NEED TO DO THAT NOW!

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