Affirmations and Self Talk the Key to a Great MindSet!

The Mindset of Self Talk and Affirmations

The Mindset of Self Talk and Affirmations

I know this is talked about a lot, but that’s because it’s so very important.  Self Talk and Affirmations are crucial if you are going to be successful and rise to the top of the mountain in anything you do.

There are a couple of sources that I love on this subject.  One is Dr Shad Helmstetter the Author of “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself.”  The other source is my mentor and friend Ray Higdon.

I’m going to just give you examples from Dr. Helmstetter’s book of both good and bad self talk. That way you can get an idea about what’s good and what’s bad.

Great Self Talk

  1. Believe In Yourself
  2. Keep Your Priorities Straight
  3. Take Responsibility For Yourself
  4. Create Your Own Future
  5. Focus On What You Want
  6. Learn To Visualize The Outcome Of Your Goals
  7. Never Let Anyone Control Your Destiny For You
  8. Be Creative
  9. Think Big
  10. Control Stress
  11. Be Aggressive And Assertive
  12. Think Positively
  13. Chart Your Own Course
  14. Set Specific Goals And Review Them Often
  15. Spend Some Time Each Day Improving Your Mind, Review Your Results And Readjust As Necessary
  16. Be Tolerant
  17. Do Everything With Love
  18. Don’t Hate
  19. Have Courage
  20. Recognize That Most Of What We Believe About Life Is An Illusion
  21. Be Honest
  22. Work Hard
  23. Believe Money Is Good And It Will Come To You
  24. Have Faith
  25. If You Agree To Do It,
  26. Enjoy It
  27. Be Strong
  28. Show Affection
  29. Manage Your Time
  30. Dress Right
  31. Learn To Sell Yourself

Bad Self Talk

  1. I can’t remember names.
  2. It’s going to be another one of those days!
  3. It’s just no use!
  4. I just know it won’t work!
  5. Nothing ever goes right for me.
  6. That’s just my luck.
  7. I’m so clumsy!
  8. I don’t have the talent.
  9. I’m just not creative.
  10. Everything I eat goes right to my waist.
  11. I can’t seem to get organized.
  12. Today just isn’t my day!
  13. I can never afford the things I want.
  14. I already know I won’t like it.
  15. No matter what I do I can’t seem to lose weight.
  16. I never have enough time.
  17. I just don’t have the patience for that.
  18. That really makes me mad!
  19. Another blue Monday!
  20. When will I ever learn!
  21. I get sick just thinking about it.
  22. Sometimes I just hate myself.
  23.  I’m just no good! I’m too shy.
  24.  I never know what to say.
  25. With my luck I don’t have a chance!
  26. I’d like to stop smoking but I can’t seem to quit.
  27. Things just aren’t working out right for me.
  28. I don’t have the energy I used to.
  29. I’m really out of shape.
  30. I never have any money left over at the end of the month.
  31. Why should I try—it’s not going to work anyway!
  32. I’ve never been any good at that.
  33. My desk is always a mess!
  34. The only kind of luck I have is bad luck!
  35. I never win anything!
  36. I feel like I’m over the hill.
  37. Someone always beats me to it!
  38. Nobody likes me.
  39. I never get a break!
  40. It seems like I’m always broke!
  41. Everything I touch turns to bleep.
  42. Nobody wants to pay me what I’m worth.
  43. Sometimes I wish I’d never been born!
  44. I’m just no good at math.
  45. I lose weight but then I gain it right back again.
  46. I get so depressed!
  47. I just can’t seem to get anything done!
  48. Nothing seems to go right for me!
  49. I’m just not a salesman.
  50. That’s impossible!
  51. There’s just no way!
  52. I always freeze up in front of a group.
  53. I’m nothing without my first cup of coffee in the morning.
  54. I just can’t get with it today.
  55. I’ll never get it right!
  56. I just can’t take it anymore!
  57. I hate my job.
  58. I get a cold this time every year.
  59. I’m just not cut out for that.
  60. I’m really at the end of my rope.
  61. You can’t trust anyone anymore!
  62. I just can’t handle this!
  63. I never seem to get anyplace on time.
  64. I’ve always been bad with words.
  65. If only I were smarter.
  66. If only I were taller.
  67. If only I had more time.
  68. If only I had more money. . . .
  69. and on, and on, and on.

So now on to some daily affirmations that I’ve got from Ray and author Noah St. John

Why am I so rich?
Why am I so happy?
Why am I enough?
Why am I good enough?
Why do I have what it takes to succeed
Why is it so easy to attract others to my home based business?
Why am I succeeding so well at my home based business?
Why am I so easily able to make so much money in my home based business?

The key to both of these techniques is to be consistent and making this second nature to you and a part of who you are.  Guarding your mind is crucial.

I hope these examples will help you to become the person that God has created you to be.

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